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Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. unveiled the world’s first hydrogen-powered outboard for recreational boats along with a prototype fuel system. Yamaha joined forces with Roush to develop the fuel system to power the new outboard and collaborated with long-time boat builder partner Regulator Marine to build a boat suitable for testing the prototype outboard.
Belle Chasse, Louisiana tackle dealer, B&B Tackle, started carrying SRD20 boat cleaning products a year ago on “kind of a trial basis.” In terms of which anglers are buying SRD20, Borne says it’s probably 50/50 between bass anglers combined with 20- to 24-foot bay boat owners and then offshore anglers running big center console boats.
Federal Ammunition congratulates sponsored shooter Vincent Hancock, a three-time Olympic champion, on bringing home two more ISSF World Cup medals from Morocco. Hancock won silver in Men’s Skeet and gold in the Skeet Mixed Team event in Rabat, Morocco, during the shotgun world cup event held February 4-13, 2024.
Primos® Hunting invites attendees of the 2024 National Wild Turkey Federation Sport Show in Nashville, Tennessee, to visit booth #1213 to meet Primos team members and to learn about the newest hunting products from the legendary manufacturer.

Silencer Central announced its participation in the 2024 Western Hunting & Conservation Expo, February 15-18, 2024, created by the Mule Deer Foundation and Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, in Salt Lake City.
TriStar Arms is thrilled to announce its ongoing dedication to conservation by participating in the National Wild Turkey Federation Convention in Nashville, Tenn. Visit booth #1841 to explore the full spectrum of offerings from TriStar.
NOMAD Outdoor will attend the National Wildlife Turkey Federation (NWTF) at the Annual Convention and Sport Show in Nashville. NOMAD Outdoor will further showcase its authentic, cutting-edge and high-quality turkey hunting apparel and gear during the convention to thousands of outdoor enthusiasts visiting from across the country.
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission educators have scheduled interesting and engaging events for the curious in March. Here are some opportunities.

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council is seeking applicants for its Ad Hoc Commercial Red Snapper and Grouper-Tilefish Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) Program Advisory Panel (AP). The Panel is charged with evaluating and making recommendations relative to requirements for participation in the red snapper and grouper/tilefish IFQ programs and modifications to IFQ shares and annual allocation distribution approaches.
California stakeholders are invited to submit angler preferences for open fishing dates for the 2024 recreational Pacific halibut season via an online survey.
- GEAR -
AG Composites is now offering bottom metals on its best-in-class custom rifle stocks. The company currently offers two configurations of bottom metals: the AG M5 and the AG BDL.
The THROOM® HANGTUFF® + Splatter Targets Pack includes six targets. Three 3″ HANGTUFF® Targets and three 6″ HANGTUFF® Targets + (20) 6″ Splatter Targets Stickers + (45) 3″ Splatter Stickers! Everything you need for a fully reactive experience sold together!

On Friday, February 2nd, 2024, The NRA Foundation presented four Pennsylvania groups with grant awards at the Opening Ceremony of the Great American Outdoor Show. Each year, The NRA Foundation allocates half of all net event proceeds for use by the state in which it was raised.
Beginning Feb. 19, Indiana hunters can apply for spring turkey reserved hunts by visiting The online method is the only way to apply for the hunts listed below. No late entries will be accepted. Applicants must possess a hunting license that is valid for the hunt for which they are applying.
Celerant Technology announces a new integration with Orion Wholesale. The partnership and new integration allows FFL dealers to streamline inventory replenishment and expand their offerings, both in-store and online.
Dead Air Silencers announced the hiring of Dallin Hanchett as the new Customer Service Manager based at the new Dead Air Silencers headquarters building in Heber City, UT.

Reptilia announces the assignment of NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs) to several of its flagship products, a significant step towards enhanced global accessibility and recognition within the defense industry.
Henry Repeating Arms introduced a collection of officially licensed U.S. Border Patrol 100th Anniversary Tribute Edition rifles in partnership with the Border Patrol Museum and Memorial Library Foundation in El Paso, Texas, to celebrate the agents and employees who have stood at the forefront of America’s security since its establishment by Congress in 1924.
TAG Precision announced the launch of their new brand and the inaugural line of handgun sights equipped with their patented FiberLok technology. TAG Precision is renowned for manufacturing components for many popular firearm brands and is now ready to bring its most advanced solution directly to consumers.
Charles Daly introduces the new Hydra 902, a semi-automatic combo shotgun that comes complete with one serialized upper, a bullpup lower, and an AR lower (ATF Approved). This uniquely designed combo gives shooters the ability to convert between these two very popular platforms.

German Precision Optics USA (GPO) announces the expansion of its award-winning Passionô binocular line with the introduction of the new PASSION 15x50 HD binocular.
Vortex is excited to introduce the new Defender-ST™. It's the new all-purpose micro red dot designed for everything–from your handgun to your shotgun, paired up with a carbine, or piggybacked on your AR’s LPVO.
Dr. Frank Rohwer, president and chief scientist of Delta Waterfowl, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Water, Wildlife and Fisheries on H.R. 6854, which is known the Habitat Enhancement Now or HEN Act.
At this past 2024 Sheep Show®, the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) welcomed the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe (NV) and Shoshone & Arapaho Fish & Game Department (WY) as their newest Affiliates. Pyramid Lake Paiute and Wind River join the Navajo Nation Department of Fish & Wildlife (UT, AZ, NM) and Taos-Pueblo Department of Natural Resources (NM) as WSF Affiliates.

Sisterhood Outdoors is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative membership program, scheduled to go live on February 15, 2024. The program is designed to be a beacon for women across the nation, fostering connections among sportswomen, and bridging the gap in the largely male-dominated world of outdoor sports.
SLG2, Inc. announces the addition of Primary Arms® Optics to its esteemed lineup of industry partners. This partnership is set to revolutionize the shooting sports experience for new and experienced shooters across the board.
Remington Ammunition has kicked off the Full Safe Sweepstakes - Big Green’s biggest consumer sweepstakes yet. Featuring a massive prize assortment from leading industry brands including Remington Arms, Remington Safes, Nighthawk Custom, Leupold Optics, Silencer Central, and Remington Ammunition, sweepstakes entrants can win one of two prize packages.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Ortonville, Pontiac Lake, Rose Lake and Sharonville shooting ranges will be closed for the Presidents Day holiday Monday, Feb. 19. The ranges will reopen Thursday, Feb. 22.

The Montana State Parks and Recreation Board will meet virtually through Zoom on Feb. 26 at 9:30 a.m. The meeting will also be streamed live on the FWP website. To make a comment via Zoom, you must register on the FWP website before midnight on Feb. 25.
On April 8, a total solar eclipse will arc across much of Indiana, including 54 properties managed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) – with many state parks, state forests, fish & wildlife areas, and state-managed nature preserves providing an excellent vantage point.
Renovation Hunters, an Outdoor Channel original series, is embarking on season two where home improvement meets the outdoor lifestyle beginning on Friday, February 23 at 8:30 p.m. ET.
This week “Hunting Matters” welcomes Mr. Chris Dorsey.

Barring unforeseen happenings, the trial that pits the State of New York against the National Rifle Association will go to the jury sometime today. After six weeks of allegations and responses, the jury will be given their final charge by Judge Joel Cohen and sent into deliberate the fate of the organization and the three co-defendants Wayne LaPierre, Woody Phillips and John Frazier.

For the past few weeks, the attention of NRA members and officials has been focused on this Manhattan court house. OWDN photo

In his final testimony in this trial -this time for the defense- former EVP Wayne LaPierre walked jurors through a personal timeline, from his childhood in Schenectady, New York, through college, and on through his eventual ascension to the EVP’s slot at the NRA. A slot, LaPierre told jurors, he never really wanted, saying he was more comfortable lobbying. “It wasn’t what I loved doing, to tell you the truth,” LaPierre said. The job he didn’t want, he explained, was the reason he found himself facing security risks.

At the same time, LaPierre admitted that it was largely his decision to modify his job from administration to public relations and activism, essentially making himself the “face” of the Association.

“If we were going to be successful in growing the organization,” LaPierre said, “I needed to be out there in front of America…giving speeches all over the country…speaking to donors..I always felt the way the NRA would lose would be if it fell to the fringe.”

So he did that. And, he explained, his associations with celebrities and television appearances essentially erased his anonymity, turning him into a public figure-and bringing security concerns that necessitated his increased security. Risks, he claims, so credible that the FBI advised him to book hotel rooms under other names.

LaPierre’s ability to convince the jury of that assertion is essential to his defense.

Throughout the trial, his attorney has tried to convince the jury LaPierre’s private travel, security details and other spending were essential to his safety. That despite LaPierre having already admitted to having abused the privilege by flying friends and family members around on the NRA’s dime, telling jurors that billing the NRA for the trips was “not the right thing to do.”

From the very outset, New York AG lawyers have hammered their allegation that the 74-year old LaPierre has treated the NRA’s bank accounts as his “personal piggy bank.” The more than $11 million spent on luxury travel and accommodations are tantamount in driving that case home with jurors.

Depending on final arguments and the length of the charge to the jury, it’s not inconceivable that this jury, weary after a long civil trial, may return a verdict quickly.

It’s also not inconceivable that the complicated charges and counters may have confused the jury to the point a verdict is difficult-if not impossible-to reach. That could open the door for further delays as they seek clarification of thorny questions.

Should the verdict go against the defendants, the appeal process, finances permitting, will begin almost immediately. In fact, some members of the NRA Board of Directors were briefed on possible appeals before the defense began presenting its case.

So what happens - short term- if the NRA loses?

Possibilities: Judge Cohen could immediately install an outside supervisor to manage the organization until the internal issues are addressed to the satisfaction of the court.

It’s also possible that Cohen, on advice from the Attorney General’s office take additional action, including dismissing of the entire current board and ordering the NRA membership to hold a new election.

Those possibilities may be one reason why the current NRA board has assembled an EVP search committee composed of what critics call members of the old guard: Congressman Bob Barr, David Coy, Carol Frampton, Curtis Jenkins, Jay Printz, Barbara Rumpel and Blaine Wade. Conspicuously absent on the nominating committee is NRA President Charles Cotton, leading to further speculation that he may be the (preselected) “choice” of the committee.

As far as the individual defendants (LaPierre, Phillips, and Frazier), guilty verdicts would open the issue of recovery of misappropriated funds due to failure in their fiduciary responsibilities.,

The fourth defendant, Josh Powell, cut his deal with the AG’s office just prior to the trial’s opening. In exchange for an admission of guilt to the AG’s claim of wrongdoing and his testimony, Powell was granted a $100,000 settlement agreement.

There’s no way of knowing what “clawbacks” would be sought by the AG’s office against the three other defendants. Or if the court would consider clawbacks from the NRA’s attorneys based on a forensic examination of their fees.

It’s also possible that the verdicts are not unanimous. In other words, there’s nothing absolutely certain at this point.

Should the verdict go against the Association, the court will likely address many internal issues.

Regardless of the outcome, the question of a successor to Wayne LaPierre and the duties that would be entrusted to that new executive is topmost in the minds of many.

We’ve hearing several names tossed around this week.

Two most frequently mentioned are former NRA figures: longtime NRA-ILA head Chris Cox and former Executive Director of General Operations Joe DeBergalis. Both were purged by LaPierre. A third, to the fury of former board members and reformers, is current President Charles Cotton. His many detractors say his elevation would continue the kind of organization created by LaPierre, but enabled by Cotton by his position as chairman of an obviously incapable audit committee.

Other names mentioned- although considerably more quietly- include: Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, W. Laird Hamberlin, CEO of the Safari Club International and Safari Club International Foundation, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SVP for Government & Public Affairs/Secretary and General Counsel, Lawrence Keane.

Until the case is decided, however, those questions will remain unanswered.

We’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

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