The Owensboro (Kentucky) Convention Center was the stage for the eighth annual S3DA Eastern Indoor National Championship hosted nearly 1,000 youth archers from 118 teams across the nation, all vying for their shot at being named the national champion in their respective division and class.
Over 800 athletes representing 72 teams from 29 states will come together and compete for top honors and National Titles at the ACUI/SCTP National College Championships being held at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas March 21-25.
The Great Outdoor America Prize Giveaway sweepstakes winner will win everything they need to kick off the spring season of outdoor adventure valued at more than $1,000. This sweepstakes ends March 15, with a winner announced on March 16, 2023.
Attorneys representing the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a lawsuit challenging New York State’s so-called “Anti-Carry Default” law have filed an appeals court brief in the case with the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals, responding to the state’s appeal of its lower court loss.
Individuals and families of all ages are invited to stop by the Safe LivinG trailer on Saturday, March 11 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, March 12 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Buda, Texas, to expand upon their safety skills and experience. The Safe LivinG program is designed to empower men, women, families and communities to live securely through interactive experiences and web resources.

Pope and Young is excited to showcase several of their vendors that will be in attendance and exhibiting at their 33rd Biennial Convention, taking place in Reno, Nevada, April 12-15, 2023.
- GEAR -
The Advanced Back Holster is an OWB "small of the back" holster with a truncated muzzle, proprietary PowerBand for tension adjustment, and adjustable, reversible thumb-break retainer straps.
Liberty Ammunition has received word that another security company has switched to Liberty for all their divisions, including executive protection.
APEX Ammunition, makers of Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) shotshells, announces its partnership with Country Outdoors, hosted by Mary O’Neill Phillips and Zach Phillips,

ASCAR Cup Series veteran Austin Dillon is poised to look sharp on and off the race track — and on and off the water — this season thanks to a continued partnership with Marolina Outdoor, the parent company of Huk Performance Fishing. Dillon will drive the No. 3 Huk Performance Chevrolet at select races in 2023.
Target Sports USA announces the addition of Sean Ferris to their marketing team as a Graphic & Motion Media Graphic Designer.
Target Sports USA announces its participation in the upcoming NRA SHOW 2023, April 14-16 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
NSSF announced that the training series titled “Completion of the ATF Form 4473 2023 Edition” is now available through the SHOT University Online education center.

Legacy Sports International announced that the popular 6MM ARC caliber is now shipping in the HOWA Mini Action Series of rifles -- available in both 22” standard barrels and 20” light varmint barrels.
A $10,000 grant on behalf of the Allen County, Indiana Whitetails Unlimited Chapter was issued to the Ideal Fish & Game Club. With the additional funds, the club plans to increase the number of shooting benches from 5 to 12. Each bench will also be situated on concrete with an overhead cover. The range is used by various youth shooting sport programs and local law enforcement.
NDA’s mission could not be realized without the tireless work of grassroots volunteers. The efforts and achievements of all Branches and volunteers are appreciated, and NDA is proud to highlight a few who went above and beyond by recognizing the 2022 Branch Achievement Award winners.
Warm winter weather drew more than 100 youth and their families to East Rush Lake in Rush City, Minnesota, for the annual Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) Minneapolis Area Take Kids Ice Fishing Day on Saturday, March 4.

SOG Knives & Tools is supporting the American Knife and Tools Institute by hosting a knife giveaway in March, helping to reinforce AKTI’s mission of educating and informing the public about the value of carrying knives.
FMG Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington has long been a fan of the Ruger 10/22, noting early on it was possible to make it even better. He presents his “final” product in a long line of experiments in the May issue of GUNS.
The May/June issue of American Handgunner features a Commanche in 10mm based on Les Baer’s Custom Carry model. Also, Will Dabbs, MD contends Shadow Systems’ Foundation Series guns are premium products configured for everyday real-world applications.
iAiming has streamlined the buying process for their customers as by onboarding several new dealers. iAiming offers three core products: iA-317, iA-617 and the iA-612.

Much of Wyoming is experiencing an increase in snowfall and extremely cold temperatures this winter. Wildlife managers across the state are actively monitoring the impact on big game and are seeing increased mortality in some areas of the state.
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife announces the award of $22.5 million to 19 projects to support the restoration of critical habitat for salmon, climate resiliency, wildlife corridors and wetlands restoration.
Yesterday, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Chairman Bobby Martin and AGFC staff welcomed local leaders and community members to cut the ribbon on a new playground at the J.B. and Johnelle Hunt Family Ozark Highlands Nature Center in Springdale.
Indiana educators are encouraged to apply for the 2023 Natural Resources Teacher Institute (NRTI), which will be held June 19-23 at the Forestry Training Center at Morgan-Monroe State Forest.

In an effort to help other fish species and to collect data from tagged fish to help with management decisions, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is asking anglers to target and remove specific fish species in three waterbodies across Utah.
Pursuit Media announces a broadcast agreement with American Stories Entertainment and their hit show, Surviving Mann. Hosted by Don Mann, a Seal Team 6 Special Operations veteran, extreme adventure racer And New York Times best selling autho, series is co-hosted by MMA legend and feature film star Randy Couture, who’s also a former U.S. Army airborne sergeant.
Shooting USA is there for the biggest bang in competitive sport shooting when collectors and enthusiasts roll out their historic cannons to shoot in full power competition.

While it’s long been established that anglers can float-fish pretty much all the trout rivers in the west that are large enough to support a raft, fishing that same water on foot is another matter where it crosses private lands, which an awful lot of it does.

In general, anglers have been barred by “No Trespassing” signs at fences and gates, just as hunters are from accessing the vast ranch lands of the West.

But rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court and the New Mexico Supreme Court may put a chink in this access issue, at least for anglers. 

In a suit filed in 2017 by the New Mexico chapter of Back Country Hunters and Anglers, the Adobe Whitewater Club and the New Mexico Wildlife Federation, the New Mexico court ruled last year that anglers there can legally walk stream beds and banks “within historic high water marks” of the state’s rivers for fishing access. The U.S. Supreme Court just recently refused to take up a challenge to the ruling, which means it stands as law. 

“We hold that the public has the right to fish in public waters and that this right includes the privilege to do such acts as are reasonably necessary to effect the enjoyment of such right,” the New Mexico Supreme Court stated in its unanimous opinion.

The justices also noted that the Game Commission lacked the authority to promulgate the regulations that spurred the case.

Under the process formerly established by the commission, landowners could apply for certification deeming that water flowing through their property was “non-navigable public water.” That would authorized them to close access, and unless they provided someone with written permission people could be cited for trespass if they touched a stream or lake bed on waters closed to access.

Under the ruling, since the high water mark can be well outside the normal streambed, the rule pretty much opens up access to the state’s trout rivers so long as there’s a way for an angler to get into the streambed without crossing private land, typically done from a bridge or from adjoining public land.

 It’s a tremendous boon to anglers and a tremendous aggravation to those who own the land, particularly if they have been leasing out fishing rights to prime waters unfished by the public. (Remember, though, you still can’t drive your vehicle on ranch roads or cross any land at all that’s NOT within the high water marks to get to the water, and Western states are very serious about their trespass laws, so keep that in mind.)

The rejection of the challenge by the U.S. Supreme Court is potentially the most far-reaching decision because it’s likely to inspire anglers in other states to attempt similar access lawsuits and legislation. It could open hundreds of miles of water formerly reserved for wealthy landowners and resort clients. Of course, getting these suits and laws past state supreme courts in Colorado, Montana and the like, where leased trout water is big business, may be no simple matter.

And, there’s no guarantee that while enforcing your access rights you won’t meet up with a John Dutton-Yellowstone Ranch type land baron who “adjusts” the law to suit themselves, at least temporarily. 

In the West, discretion is frequently the better part of valor, especially if you’re standing butt-deep in a remote trout stream and your only weapon is a 5-weight flyrod. 

But there does appear to be light on the horizon for those of us who can’t afford access fees but still hope to enjoy some of the prime trout fishing of the Mountain States—and storm clouds for those who hope to keep the general public out of “their” water.

— Frank Sargeant

Sargent is editor of our companion service, The Water Wire. If you’re not a subscriber, you’re missing out. But you can subscribe to any of our services at

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