Sierra Bullets is proud to congratulate Norm Crawford for becoming the 2021 North Carolina Long Range State Champion. The 1000 yard match was held at Butner, NC.
Celebrating Safari Club International’s 50th Anniversary, SCI will be auctioning off not just rare and exclusive firearms but also a chance to be part of SCI history.
The country’s longest veterans’ parade – Wreaths Across America’s annual escort to Arlington National Cemetery – kicks off on Saturday, December 11, 2021. National President of American Gold Star Mothers Inc. Jo Ann Maitland and President Emeritus of Gold Star Wives of America, Inc. Nancy Menagh will lead the caravan as this year's Co-Grand Marshals.


The Tavor X95 is a next-generation bullpup. Upgrades and enhancements include a relocated, non-reciprocating charging handle, a reconfigurable pistol grip, and trigger guard, a lightened trigger pull, and relocated magazine release. Click here to learn more.

The DNR stocked 5,228 rainbow trout in five different lakes and streams across Indiana this month.
- GEAR -
Stylish, comfortable, and secure are just a few ways to describe the Decree Holster from Versacarry.

Whether hunting with your favorite handgun, spending time on the gun range, or simply using it for everyday carrying needs, the NEW Mossy Oak Bottomland line of hand-crafted multi-fit belt holsters from 1791 Gunleather allows you to show off your love of the outdoors and second amendment rights proudly.
Hornady Security’s RAPiD® 2600KP and 2700KP series safes feature advanced access technology and tough-as-nails construction for peace-of-mind secure storage of handguns and other valuables while traveling in virtually any location.
As hunters hit the woods, Whitetails Unlimited reminds hunters to use the proper safety equipment. Hunting from elevated stands of all types creates an inherently dangerous situation because of something that pulls on us every day – gravity.
The first of Iowa’s two shotgun deer seasons begins Dec. 4, when an expected 55-60,000 blaze orange clad hunters head to the timber for the annual late fall tradition.

GAT Marketing announced a significant donation to Flanders Fields, a 501(c)(3) made up of Army and Marine veterans on a mission to help other veterans. GAT Marketing is proud to be partnering with Task Force ARGO and Flanders Fields to assist in bringing an end to the Afghanistan refugee crisis.
Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. unveiled the latest expansion in its M&P M2.0 line of handguns with the M&P10mm M2.0 pistol. It is provided with an optics cut slide with the C.O.R.E. system, is designed to carry 15 + 1 rounds of ammo, and it features Smith & Wesson’s brand new M2.0 flat face trigger design.
Kimber Mfg. announces new models to their line of RAPIDE 1911 pistols: the RAPIDE Dawn and RAPIDE Scorpius. They feature stainless-steel slides with stepped cocking serrations and slide lightening cuts. The frame includes Kimber’s Stiplex textured front strap, as well as G-10 grips creating a secure grip surface area.
Apex Tactical Specialties has expanded its aftermarket upgrade options for the extremely popular Springfield Hellcat pistol with the addition of an Apex Threaded Barrel specifically for the Hellcat. The new barrel is available for purchase now from

Warcat Tactical launched its brand with the debut of anew appendix carry holster. Designed for peak performance with a minimalist approach, Warcat Tactical has created a thinner, lighter, and stronger holster than standard Kydex holsters currently available elsewhere.
Convergent Hunting Solutions offers predator hunters the ultimate package in the Bullet HP Kit, featuring a Bluetooth electronic game call, Picatinny phone mount, full sound library, and camo carry bag.
Watch eight seasons of bowhunting pro Tom Miranda as he travels to remote destinations in pursuit of big game on his hit series, Territories Wild, now available to stream on MyOutdoorTV.
Scholastic 3D Archery has named Craig Delarm as the Oregon State Coordinator. Craig will oversee all aspects of the S3DA program in Oregon, including tournaments, instructor training classes, and breaking the state into regions for S3DA monthly competition.

The Second Amendment Foundation pointed to a new Morning Consult/Politico survey finding that the public trusts Republicans more than Democrats on gun policy as an acknowledgement that Americans are rejecting the Democrats’ radical gun control agenda.
Grizzly Ears, manufacturers of electronic hearing protection products, has joined the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation family of industry supporters as a Bronze Sponsor.
Delta Waterfowl strongly supports the nomination of Martha Williams for Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Prior to her nomination, Williams worked for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, serving as Director from 2017 to 2020.
The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announces that Concord, North Carolina-based Blackwater Worldwide is launching a new fundraising program to support FPC’s principled grassroots activism, education, litigation, and research programs. Blackwater will donate $1 to FPC for every box of its “The Heavy Hitter” 12-gauge shotgun ammunition sold into California through December 31, 2021.

The National Deer Association (NDA) has announced a sponsorship renewal with longstanding partner, Redneck Blinds®.
SAR USA by Sarsilmaz announced their $30 Consumer Rebate Promotion. Get a $30 AMEX prepaid card with the purchase of any SAR USA model SAR9 family firearm.
This week, Outdoors Radio features Wildlife Research Center director of marketing Paul Marion, Huntworth Gear pro-staffer Bernie Barringer, Big Al Charity Pheasant Hunt founder Rick Rollo and pro angler Duffy Kopf. Jeff and Dan head north to deer camp for gun deer season.
Montana-based Simms Fishing Products has signed on as the title sponsor for the 2022 Simms Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork, to be held May 19-22 in Quitman, Texas.

The Lower Yellowstone River Corridor Advisory Committee (LYRC Committee) has made substantial progress since its first meeting in late August. The committee met Nov. 8 in Miles City and is preparing to submit its final recommendations for improving public access along the river.
Information is reported to the Turn in Poachers (TIP) system all year long, with a noticeable increase from September to January as part of the fall and winter hunting seasons. Regardless of the time of year or day of the week, the most important factor for the public in using the TIP system is timeliness.
The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources was named as the winning bid Tuesday during a public auction for the Cinnamon Creek property in Cache and Weber counties, which will become an invaluable wildlife management area. Partners with DWR included the Mule Deer Foundation, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, the State of Utah and the USFWS.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) will present the draft elements of the 10-year Management Plan update for the John C. and Mariana Jones/Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental Area at a public hearing in Martin County on Tuesday, Nov. 30.

This week’s episode of Guns & Gear features the Ruger LCP Max, the Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM, pistol red dots from Holosun, Black Hills ammunition and more.
This week, Shooting USA shows “the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting,” at the first End of Trail East of the Mississippi. Plus, Trevor Baucom’s Adaptive Shooter Summit brings disabled vets into the shooting sports, with the support of the firearms industry.
The U.S. Senate has confirmed Robert Bonnie as Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Field work has ended for the project’s quail, invertebrate and seed components. Only some fall raptor surveys remain to be conducted in the field.

More than 140,000 servings of Vermont wild turkeys are harvested each year – that’s 140,000 servings of free-ranging, wild and sustainably harvested protein.

Yesterday, many of our outdoor organizations hustled out releases “celebrating” President Biden’s signing of the $1.2 trillion dollar Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Universally, they praised the fact that inside the stupefyingly large debt, lots of outdoor activities stood to get plenty of cash.

Today, after everyone lined up at the government trough has had sufficient time to bask in the warm afterglow, a simple question: who’s paying this bill?

A simple answer would be taxpayers, but that’s not exactly correct.

The ultimate bill will be paid by the progeny of today’s taxpayers. That’s the government’s idea of “playing it forward” -give almost everyone something today, hide the unfathomably large costs in bureaucratic bombast, then..kick the proverbial can down the road.

Works nearly every time.

After all, $1.2 trillion is a hard amount to visualize.

So…how much is a trillion dollars? A lot.

If you were to count a trillion dollars at the rate of a buck a second, $60/minute, $3,600/hour (good work if you can get it) it would take 31,688 years.

A minuscule (by government standards) billion dollar bills stacked one on top of the other would reach 67.9 miles into the sky.

A trillion dollars would reach 67,866 miles - into space.

And don’t forget you have another 200 billion dollars to pile on top of that.

In Washington today, $200 billion is pretty much considered a rounding error.

A billion bucks placed end-to-end would reach 96,909,656 miles - more than four times around the earth.

A trillion dollars would reach 96,906,656 miles. That, FYI, is further than the distance to the sun (that’s “only” 93 million miles).

Lay a trillion singles out side-by-side (think tile) and it would cover 3,992 square miles- a 1,000 square miles more than Rhode Island and Delaware combined.

By now, I’m probably off the “holiday card” list at any of the industry groups that were hip-hip-hooraying the deal yesterday.

Too bad, because I like holiday cards as well as the next guy, but I’m not fond of debt, especially if I know it will be impossible to pay.

That’s probably because I’ve been broke. Not cash-strapped, not overextended….dead flat broke. I see debt from the perspective of knowing how it can cripple your life, sap your energy and rob you of your future. Just can’t look at debt like a bureaucrat or public sector exec that routinely tosses around stunningly large numbers.

Doesn’t help that I’ve worked for billionaires (yes, with a “b”). Even with their immense wealth, they watch where the money’s being spent.

One billionaire boss called me to his office “to talk about budgets.” We had routinely been running more than a million bucks either over budgets or under projected revenues for months. But I couldn’t imagine why he wanted to talk to me about budgets. I’m no form of accountant.

He wanted to know why the monthly newsroom telephone bill was nearly $10,000 more than we’d projected. I explained that we had been doing lots of “phoners” - telephone interviews and reports from breaking news stories.

In those prehistoric days, we didn’t have the internet to stream reports remotely. It was satellite or landline phones. We lacked the dollars necessary for satellite feeds. So, we did “phoners”.

My answer was sufficient. But I had a question for him on the way out the door.

“Why so worried about $10 grand?” I asked, “we’re losing way more than that every month.”

His answer stunned me. And I’ve never forgotten it.

“Millions of dollars are an abstraction for both of us,” he said, “ but I’ve had ten grand in my hand. I know how much money that is - 100 hundred dollar bills. Real money.”

Salesmen employ a similar closing trick called “reducing to the ridiculous.” If a buyer’s hanging up over a monthly payment, “reducing to the ridiculous” can save the deal.

“I understand the payment’s slightly more than you expected,” a wily salesman will say, “but isn’t your family’s safety worth an extra two or three every day? That’s less than just one cup of Starbucks coffee.”

That technique’s been used to sell everything from houses to advertising.

It’s the opposite of the “divide and conquer” technique used to “sell” debt to taxpayers.

One-point-two-trillion dollars means absolutely nothing to us, despite the silly examples I’ve provided.

It’s made appealing by telling us that this gigantic number includes millions of dollars for something you like or support (think your favorite recreation or affinity group).

These celebrating affinity groups in turn, support the measure because they want the funding. They’re not reflecting on the overall debt. Not their job.

Their jobs are only to represent (lobby) their affinity group, be it animal, mineral, vegetable or recreational pastime.

They’re focused on the one thing every group wants from the government: more.

They support the legislation, then celebrate getting a slice from of another big taxpayer pie.

For the record, I have debt. Debt isn’t a bad thing. Un-payable debt, however, is a terrible idea.

I try to keep my personal and business debt at the levels advocated by our first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

A national debt, he said, "will be to us a national blessing, if it is not excessive.”

Bureaucrats frequently omit that last phrase.

Since full context is always essential to understand meaning, Mr. Hamilton also wrote wrote “the creation of debt should always be accompanied by the means of extinguishment.”

Context, like cash, is still king.

We’ll keep you posted.

— Jim Shepherd

Editor’s Note: If you’re into checking math, the dimensions of the one dollar bill are 6.14 inches long, 2.61 inches wide, and .0043 thick. They’re only shrinking in relation to their buying power, not their physical dimensions.

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