Leupold & Stevens, Inc announces the sale of the Redfield brand to Academy Sports + Outdoors. Academy will develop and sell quality sports optics exclusively for Academy Sports + Outdoors under the Redfield brand going forward. Leupold will continue to support the warranty obligations for any legacy purchases of Redfield optics.
Worldwide Trophy Adventures announces the acquisition of Balam Outfitters and the booking availability of 2021 ocellated turkey hunts in the Yucatan with Balam Outfitters.
Hunters seeking to up the game with added penetration will want to take a close look at the SEVR 1.5 titanium broadhead.
Designed for high-velocity arrows and crossbow bolts, Delta Speed Bags feature high-density, shot-blocking fill for longer target life and extended stopping power as well as new graphics with both multi-spot and sight calibration target faces.
Elite Archery announces an exclusive partnership with VUNI Gear. The VUNI Gear pattern is available for a limited time on the 2021 Elite EnKore and Remedy bows.

Bowtech pro shooter Tim Gillingham finished in first place at the USAT Arizona Cup while setting a new 50-Meter world record with a score of 1402, topping the previous record of 1399.
Bowtech pro shooter Paige Pearce dominated at the USAT Arizona Cup. Fresh out of the gate, Paige did well on day one with her Bowtech Reckoning 38 and put on quite the show on day two, landing her in first place on the podium.
Hornady congratulates?Austin?Orgain, Tate?Streater, Clay?Backketter?and Carson Rutherford on their performance at the South Wind Shootout PRS Match, April 10,?2021?in Tipton, Kansas.
The Vermont walleye fishing season opens on Saturday, May 1, marking the return of some of the best walleye fishing in New England.

Several agencies are asking for anglers to keep any lake trout under 25 inches that are caught at Flaming Gorge, in an effort to improve the health of the fishery. An annual fishing tournament (that was canceled last year due to COVID-19 concerns) will resume this year to incentivize anglers to help in this effort.
The path to the Bass Pro Shops U.S. Open National Bass Fishing Amateur Team Championships – a first-of-its-kind amateur fishing tournament offering the biggest payout in freshwater fishing history – continues on Texas’ legendary Lake Ray Roberts on Saturday, April 17.
Yamaha Pro Jason Christie weighed in 8 pounds, 4 ounces on the final day of the Bassmaster® Elite tournament on the Sabine River to capture his sixth Elite series win with a four-day total of 43 pounds, 15 ounces.
Toyota Series angler Andy Newcomb of Camdenton, Missouri, brought a five-bass limit to the scale Saturday weighing 15 pounds, 11 ounces to win the three-day Toyota Series presented by A.R.E. at Grand Lake presented by Fenwick in Grove, Oklahoma

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For a third consecutive year, Viper Archery Products has renewed its partnership with the award-winning Outdoor Channel show Driven with Pat & Nicole
Outtech Inc. announce their partnership with Arizona Archery Enterprises Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of nocks and vanes. Outtech will be provide their exclusive sales representation for AAE's full line of archery products across multiple channels nationwide.

Lonestar Future Weapons announced a strategic partnership with composite-cased ammunition manufacturer True Velocity to leverage the two companies’ substantial expertise in R&D, precision manufacturing, quality control and production efficiency.
Arcus Hunting announces the appointment of John-Paul (JP) Fischer to the position of Vice President of Sales.
Celerant Technology is now the preferred point of sale and eCommerce software provider for the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA), a non-profit organization supported by the membership of participating retailers and partners in the bicycle retail industry.
International Case Company, the exclusive distributor for Negrini of Italy, has partnered with Union Sales Agency out of North Carolina and Florida for full sales representation in the South Eastern US.

International Case Company, exclusive distributor for Negrini of Italy, announces its partnership with John Swartz of JMSEI for full sales representation in the South Western United States.
Cold Steel, manufacturer and innovator of purpose-built knives and blade tools for everyday carry, tactical, and hunting applications, expands its Double Safe Hunter line of folding lockbacks with three available colors—camo, orange, and green.
Muddy Girl introduces Muddy Girl Wild, a new modernized version of the Muddy Girl pattern.
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The ground-breaking new Leica Passport Warranty is completely free and includes a fully transferrable no-questions, no-fault, 10-year accidental damage cover plan and a 30-year manufacturer’s defect warranty, neither of which require a warranty card or receipt.
Recent moves by the New York State Canal System’s parent New York Power Authority (NYPA) to drastically reduce the 524-mile waterway’s annual six-month operating season would be prevented under a proposed New York Senate Bill S.5958 by establishing a fixed annual operating season from “early May through November.”
Walker’s, a leader in hearing protection and enhancement, is continuing as a Whitetails Unlimited national sponsor.
Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever have appointed Cody Kamrowski as the organization’s Wisconsin Regional Representative.

Victory Archeryâ is proud to announce they’ve added to their impressive lineup of professional hunters with the team at Red Arrow. For years, Victory has been producing the world’s most accurate arrows and now they’re excited to announce that Kip Campbell and the team at Red Arrow TV will be shooting Victory Archery arrows this year.
Michigan State and federal Natural Resource Trustees for the Kalamazoo River released today for public review and comment the Draft Supplemental Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment, which includes 14 proposed natural resource restoration projects aimed at restoring the ecology and public use and enjoyment that has been negatively impacted by historic polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contamination.
A Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officer used a tourniquet to stop blood loss from a 22-year-old Scottville man, who is recovering in an area hospital from an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Respect the Game, now airing new episodes Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Sportsman Channel, is an action-packed, high-quality production focused on hunting big and small game animals predominantly with a bow.
Travel the globe and explore unique fishing destinations on World Fishing Network with Freshwater Playground Tuesday night block of programming from 6–10 p.m. ET.
On this episode of “Keith Warren’s Deer and Wildlife Stories”, we’re at Tajada Whitetails located just outside of Houston, Texas. Farm owner George Tunal has some bucks that will rival his long-time deer industry favorite buck named “Gunslinger”.
An extensive, international series of field tests using the new Sea Run fly fishing cases were part of the taping of the upcoming season of Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey. Multiple 2021 episodes of the hit TV series will include fly fishing showcases, including a 2-week expedition across the Amazon jungle and fresh and saltwater fishing in the South Carolina lowcountry.
The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department says a Rabbit Hemorrhagic (RHDV2) Disease (RHDV2) affecting rabbits and hares previously found in western states may be moving eastward.
The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department will hold a series of introductory bullhead fishing clinics this spring.

The past few days, we’ve been taking a whack at some of the most frequently asked questions from readers. We began with “Koba’s” op-ed in the Friday April 9 Outdoor Wire explaining supply-and-demand and its impact on ammunition supplies and prices. Yesterday, we continued with Michael Bane’s recounting of the experience gained in the unsuccessful fight against Universal Background Checks in Colorado.

We’ve allowed some of the clearest voices in the industry to speak (although one had to do it anonymously).

Today, we’re taking a whack at the story we’ve been accused of dodging for the past several months…the NRA and its internal, but now very public, management.

Until the testimony officially began last week in the Texas bankruptcy hearings, all the hubbub has been the equivalent “he said/she said” comments in a particularly nasty divorce.

We’ve read thousands of pages of depositions. They’ve contained things that made us wonder how the Board of Directors could ever permit any of this to happen. But all that information has come during the “fact-finding” phase, either via questioning by the NRA’s attorneys, or the opposing attorneys fighting the Texas bankruptcy or building the New York State case for dissolving the NRA.

Last week, it turned from “trial by media” to swearing under oath.

In open court.

Before a judge.

Now it’s real.

To this point, testimony has made it embarrassingly obvious to anyone not completely brainwashed by a “fake news” narrative that, whatever the outcome of the trial, the NRA is - and has been for years - a managerial train wreck.

That, however, is not saying the NRA is bad.

Far from it.

Today, despite slashed wages and reduced benefits, professionals at the NRA continue to turn out professional-quality work. They are no more guilty of wrongdoing than the millions of members.

Both continue to believe in the NRA and its mission.

The NRA challenges of today have been building for a very long time.

Today is the twenty-sixth anniversary of Wayne Lapierre’s infamous “jack-booted thugs” fundraising letter. The letter that caused outside the NRA and inside the NRA’s Board of Directors. One former director says it forced the board to take a hard look at the way things were running under LaPierre’s leadership. After what one former board member described as the “Board’s recognition that new EVP Wayne LaPierre was a management catastrophe” an

Operations Audit was ordered.

Following that audit, his affidavit continues, an attempt was made by members of the Board of Directors to replace LaPierre and “fire Ackerman McQueen to which he was beholden.”

It failed. By three votes. Credit for the defeat has been attributed to Charlton Heston’s ascendancy to the president’s slot and his loyalty to LaPierre (and Ackerman McQueen).

Until the Indianapolis Annual Meeting two years ago no one on the Board of Directors openly crossed him.

The attempted “coup” in Indianapolis failed, but it dumped bunches of the NRA’s dirty laundry in the town square.

Today, based solely on sworn testimony, it is virtually inarguable that the NRA’s elected Board of Directors, the direct representatives of the members, has known - for years- that things were badly out of kilter.

Dissident board members couldn’t reverse the process as majority continued to rubber stamp spending of membership dues on everything from cigar club memberships to private jets to Caribbean hideaways.

Along the way, several board members appear to have drunk- both heavily and repeatedly - from the fountain of LaPierre largesse.

Today, they’re abnormally quiet because they’re afraid. They are seeing that the bill for having partaken in those benefits could be far higher than ever anticipated.

They’re considering the legal consequences for having breached fiduciary responsibilities.

Not for a year, or two, for decades.

They not only ignored abuses they should have addressed, they punished fellow board members who dared suggest changes. They assured the NRA’s members everything was fine, and attacked everyone suggesting otherwise.

If you wonder why, do what any business reporter does: follow the money.

Several of them protected the status quo because they were bellied up to the trough of cash being doled out by Mr. LaPierre. Today, the potential cost of haven partaken in that largesse is becoming real.

Each Board member faces being called to account - individually - for their collective failure to exercise reasonable controls over an increasingly unreasonable situation.

Simply stated, the NRA has operated exactly the opposite of the way non-profits are supposed to run. Executives are supposed to carry out the directives of the Board.

At the NRA, orders appear to have been dictated from the executives to the board.

The Texas bankruptcy itself makes that hard to argue.

Board members have said on the record they had no idea it was even happening until after the fact. “After the fact” is when the board convened to formally approve the bankruptcy.

When enough members realize how huge amounts of their dues were been spent financing lifestyles and lawyers, not firearms training and advocacy, some of them might consider their own legal actions.

If there are lawsuits, they will operate under a well-established legal axiom: find the deepest pockets, then empty them.

Meanwhile, the clock continues to run on the NRA’s very expensive legal counsel. They will simply walk away with their millions when/if the NRA’s bank accounts are drained. All that money was paid by members, but with entirely different purposes in mind.

As a Wall Street executive reminded me yesterday, “the only people who make money from situations like this are lawyers and lobbyists.”

Immediately after the infamous Indianapolis Annual Meetings, I wrote “if the NRA doesn’t clean up its own house, the Attorney General of the State of New York will certainly do it for them. No one will like the outcome.”

At this point, the outcome is still in question, but it isn’t a good look for anyone involved.

Meanwhile, as the NRA’s leaders and lawyers are busy before a Texas bankruptcy judge, a historically anti-gun president has rolled out his initial assault on gun rights.

One of those original steps includes the nomination of David Chipman to head the ATF. One of the very “jack-booted thugs” Mr. LaPierre predicted would be given “more power to take away your Constitutional rights” back in 1996.

Last week, British publication, the Daily Mail published a story on Mr. Chipman’s career, including a photo of his posing in camouflage and carrying a rifle amid the aftermath of the infamous Waco standoff in which 76 Branch Davidians and five ATF agents died.

Since then, they point out, he’s worked as an advisor for anti-gun groups. During that time, he’s gone on record as saying one reason the ATF’s not been a successful enforcement agency is “they’ve never been given the tools to do the job.” To him, Waco appears to have been a successful operation.

In normal circumstances, everyone on the pro-gun side of the ledger would be looking to the National Rifle Association and its leadership to lead what will be a tough political fight to oppose Chipman and the other “initial” Biden proposals.

Unfortunately, the NRA management’s attention - and membership resources - are otherwise occupied.

We’d need to prepared to go enter the arena without our most effective fighter.

— Jim Shepherd

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