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Thursday, December 7, 2017
This Week on America Outdoors Radio
This Week on America Outdoors Radio

We will get a chance to talk to "The First Family of the Outdoors on the West Coast", Scott and Tiffany Haugen. Scott will tell you about a new urine scent gel he helped develop for blacktail deer hunters that would make a great stocking stuffer but a poor perfume for a night out anywhere except for the deer stand. Tiffany Haugen has something that smells better, a unique and tasty dish for the holiday season called a Swedish Christmas Salmon. Turning back to deer hunting we'll be sharing the wisdom of longtime Tennessee outdoors columnist John Sloan this week, who will help you avoid making some very common deer hunting mistakes. Throw in outdoors news and a chat with outdoors writer Dennis Dauble about some great trout lodges in the Western United States and we've got a great show for you this weekend!

SPONSOR & AFFILIATE NEWS (Not for Media Release):

We got a very good response to our giveaway last weekend where a longtime listener tuning into our show on KBND AM 1110 out of Bend won $200 to use for a stay at a Shilo Inn! In case you were wondering, the majority of our contestants for this giveaway tune into our show from Oregon (and KPNW AM 1120 in Eugene in particular). Our second largest group of contestants came from Washington State, followed by California.

We are also happy to report each of our sponsors will be getting an extra ad this week!

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5. You can listen to a demo and download a show clock at http://americaoutdoorsradio .com/affiliate-info.html

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