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Friday, October 13, 2017
Wolf Creek Productions, PRYM1 Camo Agree to Partnership
Wolf Creek Productions is extremely excited to announce a new partnership with Prym1 Camo. Prym1 will supply clothing for two of the longest running outdoor shows, Cabela's American Archer with Tom Nelson and Excalibur's Outdoor America with Joe Thomas. The new partnership starts immediately and both Tom and Joe look forward to wearing PRYM1 in the field this fall.

Prym1 has a dynamic line of camo that looks, feels and moves like a predator, breaking from the same old foliage features that have dominated camouflage until now. Wildlife artist and avid hunter, Stacie Walker used the colors and textures of nature with the organic patterns of wildlife to create a camo that gives hunters the freedom to move with the effectiveness of a predator.

"Trees don't hunt, predators do. Our multi-layered, photo realistic tree and leaf patters have evolved well and taken camo to a certain point but it ends there. Prym1 camo has been designed to mimic the effectiveness of a predator's coat. Much like how a leopard dissolves into its environment whether in a tree or stalking through the undergrowth," says Stacie Walker, PRYM1 President and Creator. "To have both Joe Thomas and Tom Nelson wearing our pattern in the field is a tremendous honor and we look forward to helping them be as successful as possible."

Wolf Creek Productions has been producing programs for the Outdoor Channel and other networks for more than 20 years. Tom Nelson has hosted Cabela's American Archer since its inception in 1997 and Joe Thomas has taken Excalibur's Outdoor America to new heights in the past year. Partnering with Prym1 camo made complete sense to both show hosts.

"I've worn camo for over 30 years and while traditional patterns have disguised me as a tree or brush or even grass, nothing made me feel like a part of the environment, like a true predator until I put on Prym1 Camo," says Joe Thomas, host of Excalibur's Outdoor America. "Bow hunting is up close and personal and when success and failure hinges on the smallest of details keeping yourself hidden from the prying eyes of the adversary is key. That is why I rely on Prym1 camo to put me within the kill zone. Best of all it is quiet and durable which meets my demands when it comes to camouflage clothing," says Tom Nelson, host of Cabela's American Archer.

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Contact: Mike Sherrill, Wolf Creek Productions, 517-625-9653

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