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Thursday, September 14, 2017
Montana: Canyon Ferry and Tiber AIS Inspection Stations Reduce Hours
Labor Day weekend marked the end of the height of boating season in Montana, and in response, decontamination stations at Tiber and Canyon Ferry Reservoirs are moving to fall hours, so it is important to note that the inspection station hours vary by site. For inspection station hours go to

At Canyon Ferry Reservoir, boaters leaving the reservoir are directed to Silos, Goose Bay, Canyon Ferry Visitor Center and Hellgate decontamination stations. At Tiber, boaters are directed to the Overlook decontamination station.

On Canyon Ferry and Tiber Reservoirs all boats that are not local boater certified must be decontaminated when leaving the water.
Waterfowl hunters on Canyon Ferry Reservoir, including the ponds at Canyon Ferry Wildlife Management Area, will still need to adhere to normal decontamination requirements when taking a watercraft out of the reservoir when waterfowl season begins Sept. 30.

Some highlights from this boating season include:
· More than 50,000 watercraft have been inspected. 15 vessels have been intercepted with mussels so far this season.
· More than 789 plankton samples have been collected in the state so far this season for mussel early detection analysis. No verified mussel veligers or adult mussels have been detected in the waters of Montana this season. Sampling and analysis will be ongoing through the fall.
· This fall shoreline surveys for adult mussels will be conducted at Tiber, Canyon Ferry and other waterbodies around the state for AIS early detection.
· Mussel sniffing dogs from Alberta will assist again in October at Tiber and Canyon Ferry in an attempt to identify adult mussels.
· Enforcement has issued over 80 citations this year related to invasive species violations.
Watercraft owners are reminded that they still must stop at all open inspection stations and watercraft coming into Montana from out of state must be inspected prior to launching.

For more information on inspection and decontamination stations in Montana, please look online

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