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Thursday, September 14, 2017
Code Blue Launches D/Code Microsite

Birmingham, AL- Code Blue®, the industry leader in attractant scents, cover scents and scent elimination products for hardcore hunters, unveils a new microsite, to support the launch of their revolutionary scent elimination brand D/CODE™. The site is designed to help educate serious hunters about the science and extensive university research that has gone into the development of the product.

"Rather than just say D/Code is better, we want to provide and explain the empirical data proving it," stated Martin Hill, Director of Marketing, Pradco Outdoor Brands – Hunting Division. "We are confident that the information and level of detail provided on this new site will provide consumers with a new understanding of scent elimination products."

Along with the data from university scientists, the claims of D/Code are supported by the testimonials and in the field experience of the Bone Collector crew and Dr. Grant Woods. All of who have countless hours in the field hunting and studying the movements of big game.

Information on the D/Code microsite will focus on the types of human-odor causing bacteria D/Code destroys, as well as an in-depth explanation as to why D/Code is proven to work faster and last longer, and treat a wider spectrum of human causing odor than the leading competitors.

To view the D/Code microsite, please visit: .

The D/CODE line up of products includes both pre-hunt and all-season use items, including:

  • Unscented Laundry Detergent
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Body Wash & Shampoo
  • Deodorant Stick
  • Field Spray
  • Aerosol Field Spray
  • Field Wipes

With products for both at-home and in-field use—addressing everything from head to, inside to out—D/CODE ensures that hunters blend in where it really matters … the scent spectrum.

D/CODE: Tested – Proven - Effective.

For more information about Code Blue D/Code or Code Blue scents, contact Glenn Walker at or visit

About Code Blue
Code Blue has long been a leader in the scent attractants category with products such as Doe Estrous and Screamin' Heat, wrapped around their patented From One Deer to One Bottle® collection process. Combine Code Blue's scent line with its odor-eliminators, D/Code, featuring patented Silver Scent® technology, the most powerful scent eliminator available, you can get in even closer. Hunters who know where to go for advanced olfactory products choose Code Blue, the brand backed by science, proven by results.

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