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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
New Zink Calls Green Head Rocker Double-reed Duck Call
New Zink Calls Green Head Rocker Double-reed Duck Call Brings Mallards Down Slow An' Easy

Port Clinton, OH (September 12, 2017) – The double-reed duck call has been a hunter-favorite for well over a half a century. Why? Because double-reeds are generally easier to use than single reeds, typically requiring less inflection and tone control by the caller to produce rich-sounding mallard feed chuckles, quacks and greeting calls. Its forgiving, smooth-blowing no-nonsense design has made the double-reed the go-to call for a majority of duck hunters in most circumstances.
Of course, the popularity of the double-reed duck call has resulted in a market flooded with double-reed designs. As one might imagine, some are good and some are horrible.

But some rock.

Zink Calls' all-new Green Head Rocker (GHR) double-reed duck call is exceptionally easy to blow while playing all a greenhead's favorite tunes – from sultry single quacks and nasally greeting calls to rich, bottom-end feed chuckles. When love is all they need, the Green Head Rocker will deliver those handsome greenies with more smooth mallard love than they can handle; Zink has made sure of it.

Need to turn it up to eleven? Of course you do. When you need that extra push over the cliff… the new GHR is perfectly capable of rocking high-end riffs like hail calls and highballs with the kind of power and precision that would make Nigel bang his mullet.

One of of three exciting waterfowl calls in Zink's all-new Rocker Series, the all-acrylic Green Head Rocker double-reed comes with extra reeds, instructional DVD and a Zink leg band in a hard, protective case. Hand-built and tuned by Zink's master call builders right here in the USA, the realistic duck sounds are built right in. Simply pick it up and start laying them down.

Zink Calls Green Head Rocker (GHR) Double-Reed Duck Call
  • Smooth mallard sounds
  • Easy blowing double-reed design
  • Awesome bottom-end feed chuckle
  • Includes instructional DVD, extra reeds and hard case
  • Made in the USA

Orange Marbleade: Model FG-DUCK-66100 / UPC: 810280-06100-0
Blueberry Swirl: Model FG-DUCK-66101 / UPC: 810280-06101-7
Black Swirl: Model FG-DUCK-66102 / UPC: 810280-06102-4
Black Stealth: Model FG-DUCK-66103 / UPC: 810280-06103-1
Green Envy: Model FG-DUCK-66104 / UPC: 810280-06104-8
Pearl Swirl: Model FG-DUCK-66105 / UPC: 810280-06105-5
Cranberry Crusher: Model FG-DUCK-66106 / UPC: 810280-06106-2
Black Gold: Model FG-DUCK-66107 / UPC: 810280-06107-9
Gold Rush: Model FG-DUCK-66108 / UPC: 810280-06108-6
Classic Bird's Eye Maple: Model FG-DUCK-66109 / UPC: 810280-06109-3
Interference Green: Model FG-DUCK-66110 / UPC: 810280-06110-9
Ultrabright Green: Model FG-DUCK-66111 / UPC: 810280-06111-6

MSRP: $140.00

Zink Calls has a reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the finest duck, goose and turkey calls to ever greet the sunrise. These folks have forgotten more about making calls than most call makers have ever known. So when something new comes out of their Port Clinton, Ohio headquarters and manufacturing facility, it's a safe bet that it's going to arrive in the marshes and corn-stubble with a big bang. Go ahead and make the deal go down on your next hunt. Pick up a new Green Head Rocker, and start bringing mallards down slow an' easy.

The premier Zink and Avian-Xbrands offer today's waterfowl and turkey hunters the best and most complete line highly realistic decoys, beautifully effective calls and other related products that result in increased success and satisfaction afield — whether that means more birds on the ground, or the creation of additional cherished, lifetime memories. At Zink and Avian-X, our goal is to use our team's extensive field knowledge and experience to promote and advance the sports of waterfowling and turkey hunting in a traditional, ethical, responsible, and enjoyable manner. Mediocrity is not an option.

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