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Friday, August 11, 2017
Webb's Book Launches August 15
NEW YORK –   – New York Times bestselling author, Hurricane Group, Inc. CEO and ex-Navy SEAL Brandon Webb's latest book, "TOTAL FOCUS: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure" (Portfolio, August 15) is available for presale now via Amazon,Barnes & Noble and through other retailers. Those who purchase this book before the official launch date can also receive a freebookplate signed by Webb.

In this book, Webb highlights the skills he developed in Special Ops training that proved most beneficial in his business dealings. He then details how to use these skills to think unconventionally, do whatever it takes to complete a project, and, most importantly, make impossible decisions under insane pressure that lead to personal success.

As a Former Navy SEAL sniper and instructor Webb served four active deployments and helped redesign the course that produced some of the world's deadliest snipers, including Chris Kyle, the American Sniper. After returning to civilian life, Webb started his first business venture – and failed miserably. Webb decided to try again, and this time, he channeled his intense Special Ops training – specifically the ability to focus under extreme pressure – and built a $100M+ digital media and ecommerce conglomerate, Hurricane Group, Inc.
Using his own experiences, as well as the paths of legendary snipers, he demonstrates how to:

· Have total situational awareness – it's impossible to think of everything that could go wrong, but by considering as many different scenarios as possible, you'll have the basis for a plan of action when things inevitably do go wrong.

· Accept that pain is temporary, but learning is priceless – all SEALs go through the same basic training, meant to not only strengthen their body, but also their mind. Now, Webb is mentally tough enough to handle difficult customers and challenging employees.

· Avoid the trap of over-analysis and follow your gut – often in combat it's a SEAL's gut that tells them they're in danger, even when there's no physical evidence. Business is the same; whether it's a shady investor or a new hire, learning to trust your gut is imperative for survival.

In addition to his personal insights, Webb also weaves in several notable and successful entrepreneurs and their stories. Solomon Choi of 16 Handles, Matt Meeker of BarkBox and Betsy Moran of Huffington Post and TheBlaze are all featured. "TOTAL FOCUS: Make Better Decisions Under Pressure" is another joint project with John David Mann and is available everywhere August 15, 2017.

About Hurricane Group, Inc.
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