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Friday, August 11, 2017
Henry Partners With Hunting Heritage Trust

Henry Repeating Arms and the Hunting Heritage Trust have partnered in a special "Return of a Monarch" program to celebrate the return of the Bison from near extinction in the late 1880s to healthy populations today.

In 1889, William Hornady, a founder of the American Bison Society, compiled a tally of Bison in North America. Of the tens of millions of Bison that once ranged America, the American Bison Society reported that only 1,091 remained.

In celebration of the Bison's return from the brink of extinction and its recent naming as America's Official Mammal, the Hunting Heritage Trust has created a Limited Edition of 1,091 specially engraved, presentation-grade, Henry Repeating .45-70 rifles, hand-forged Ross Tyser Bison Tribute Bowie Knives, and quality art prints of the artwork featured on the rifle—all available with matching serial numbers. Rifle and art prints are available exclusively from the Hunting Heritage Trust. None of the items, including the rifle, are available from Henry Repeating Arms.

The engraving on the right side of the Henry 45-70 receiver is based on an original charcoal drawing, "On the Brink" created for the project by well-known South Dakota artist Ray Kelly. It portrays a Bison bull and cow looking over an expanse of prairie that once included thousands of grazing bison. The "Return of a Monarch" Tribute celebrates the fact that Bison again graze America's prairies by the thousands.

For a limited time, purchasers of the $1,595.00 Bison Tribute rifle will receive a free "On the Brink" charcoal print signed and individually numbered by artist Ray Kelly with the number on the print matching the serial number on the rifle. In addition, rifle buyers will be eligible for a $100.00 discount on the Bison Tribute Bowie knife and a $75.00 discount on a framed Rosemary Millet painting, "Dusty Plains Bison", which is also featured on the rifle. The Bowie knife and "Dusty Plains Bison" print will be signed and numbered with serial numbers matching the rifle. The special offer ends on September 1, 2017.

Details of the limited-time promotion may be viewed at Click on "Friends of Henry" at the top of the home page.

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