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Monday, January 6, 2014
BlackHeart Debuts This Week at ATA
MOUNT JOY, PA - BlackHeart, a new brand crafted in Pennsylvania, is set to enter the archery market this January during the annual Archery Trade Association (ATA) show in Nashville, Tennessee. The brand features an innovative line of high-end crossbow strings and performance enhancing accessories.

"Craftsmanship matters," says Matt Smith, brand manager at BlackHeart. "What's equally important is blending handmade craftsmanship with the right materials and innovative techniques. Creating a great bowstring is about much more than the material you choose; it's really about understanding how it all works together. We get it."

A number of innovative and proprietary techniques were pioneered in the development of BlackHeart's flagship stings and cables. Innovations such as GlideLock™ center-servings and DuraWeave™ string construction are resulting in strings and cables that last longer, shoot better and are proving deadly accurate shot after shot."

"We wanted something better," says Dale Howe, product developer at BlackHeart. "We had ideas for how we could produce premium strings and cables. Hundreds of prototypes and literally thousands of shots later we nailed it - we now have something better. The GlideLock center-serving locks the strands together in a way never seen before. It enhances durability while greatly reducing friction across the rail. Pair that with our DuraWeave construction technique that makes for highly consistent string lengths - not just out of the box, but shot after shot - and you can't go wrong."

BlackHeart's line of strings, cables and lubricants will be available through archery retailers nationwide starting late January 2014. The brand will be distributed in the United States by Pape's and Kinsey's.

About BlackHeart

Based in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, BlackHeart blends innovative technology with time-honored techniques when producing its craft bowstrings. BlackHeart operates under the consumer brands division of Kinsey's Archery Products. For more information, please contact Lindsay Antolick, marketing coordinator, at 800.366.4269, x3058 or visit

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