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Wednesday, March 27, 2013
The Sauer 101: The New Benchmark in Bolt Action Rifle
For years now, J.P. Sauer & Sohn's SAUER 202 has played a major role in the premium bolt action rifle market segment. Germany's oldest gun manufacturer is now pleased to introduce the brand new SAUER 101, a bolt action rifle, in the mid-class price range. "It was our goal to set a new standard for bolt action rifles and the S 101 is exactly that standard against which all others must be measured", says Sauer CEO Matthias Klotz.

DURA SAFE - an innovative safety concept

The heart of the safety system is known as the "DURA SAFE" concept. The SAUER 101 has the only direct firing pin safety in the world that is engaged by an ergonomically perfect slide built into the bolt shroud. The intelligent placement of an integral detent button effectively prevents inadvertently taking the S 101 off safe, yet the "DURA SAFE" can be disengaged instinctively and in complete silence right before the shot.

An additional safety measure is a built-in detent that releases the firing pin only after the bolt has been fully locked. Last but not least, with only the touch of a button placed conveniently behind the bolt handle, the shooter can safely open the bolt to unload the rifle with the safety still fully engaged. Matthias Klotz sums it up: "Super safe, ergonomically ideal and designed for the demands of modern hunting practices - a total package that has never before existed in this price range."

Direct barrel breeching and patented action bedding

The slogan for the S 101 is "Old School - New Rules". "Old School" refers to the conventional way of joining the stock to the action. Yet besides the safety features, Sauer engineers have set "New Rules": Barrel and receiver are now permanently joined by the tension-free HEAT LOCK process.

The S 101 bolt locks directly into the barrel with six massive lugs, a principle that has proven itself a hundred thousand times in the S 200 and S 202 and assures top accuracy. In contrast to the modular system of the S 202 where the action is fully decoupled from the stock, Sauer engineers developed the EVER REST concept which combines ultra-stable bedding with the maximum possible isolation of the stock from the action.

The S 101 features twin ejectors that deliver a perpendicular ejection pattern, thus preventing empty cases from colliding with the scope. The precision and accuracy are rounded out by a match-grade barrel with the high-precision fit and finish typical of any Sauer.

Impressive shooting comfort

The SAUER 101 is outfitted with the special ERGO MAX stock with a reverse-slope comb that positions the head perfectly behind the scope and noticeably reduces perceived recoil. Featuring a neutral cast and ambidextrous palm swells, the S 101 offers a perfect presentation for both right-handed and left-handed shooters.

The vertical pistol grip keeps the shooting hand relaxed and allows for complete trigger control. The ultra-crisp 2-pound trigger makes this possible and, from the precise long range shot to snap-shooting at running game, it masters every situation.

The almost indestructible high-impact synthetic double-stack magazine holds five standard caliber cartridges or four magnums. The magazine release button is, in true SAUER style, conveniently located in front of the magazine well.

Lastly, the bolt operates with silky smoothness and no binding. This makes for a fast and fluid reload every time. The bolt handle features our newly designed revolver knob which, like the cylinder on a revolver, is fluted all the way around to offer a sure grip in any weather.

Two models available for immediate delivery

The SAUER 101 is available in the CLASSIC model with dark walnut stock and soft rubber recoil pad, as well as in the synthetic CLASSIC XT with Soft Touch coating, non-slip checkering and rubber recoil pad.

"The S 101 is a true J.P. Sauer & Sohn through and through, and rounds out our model line perfectly. As of this moment, SAUER's presence on the world market is newly defined and a bolt action is now born that leaves few desires unfulfilled", says Matthias Klotz.

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