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Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Shooting USA's Impossible Shots Recognizes the Munden Legacy
We start in Montana with the late Bob Munden and the legacy of Impossible Shots he's left with us. Bob is flicking coins with his peacemaker and making them spin like a top. The shot is so impressive that Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton has to try it too, and then try to double down on Bob's shot. Plus we turn the tables on Julie Golob with a surprise target for the unsuspecting birthday girl.

Shooting USA - Special Edition - Trevor's Story

A Shooting USA Profile of the former Blackhawk Pilot, paralyzed by a crash in Afghanistan, who is now opening the shooting sports to the handicapped and wounded warriors. Trevor Baucom is the first sponsored pro shooter in a wheelchair, and is the reason major shooting organizations are putting out the welcome mat and working to make their matches handicapped capable. See Trevor's Story, then meet him in person at the SHOT Show. More Info...

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Gun Rights in the New Year:

We have never faced a greater challenge to our Second Amendment Rights than the hysteria being whipped up by the national media. I've been using my Facebook page as the social media connection to gun rights activists. And this morning we've launched a campaign to actually have an effect in many communities across the country.

Check the information at my Facebook page.

And click here for the tools to spread the word that Gun Free Zones are Killing Zones.

Shot Show Next Week:

We're all on the floor at the Sands Convention Center next week for the annual SHOT Show. And this year we'll be posting podcasts on new products direct from the show floor. Stay connected at podbean or itunes for the latest news next week.
Jim Scoutten

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