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Wednesday, January 9, 2013
Traditions™ Firearms to Sponsor Backcountry Quest, Dropped
PORTSMOUTH, NH - Rusted Roosted Media announced today an exciting partnership with Traditions™ Firearms, maker of the industry's most accurate and dependable muzzleloaders. Traditions™ will sponsor the hugely popular Backcountry Quest and Dropped series, hosted by fan favorite personalities Chris and Casey Keefer. In addition to a one-year television sponsorship, the partnership entitles Traditions™ to Rusted Rooster's cutting-edge commercial production and creative branding expertise.

The sponsorship promises to elevate Traditions'™ branding efforts, and further solidify its place as the dominant leader in muzzleloading technology and performance. The deal also promises to enhance the Keefer Brothers' hunting success. Both men have relied on Traditions™ over the course of the 2012 season to successfully take multiple species of animals, at varying distances, with optimum results. Their success in some of North America's most unforgiving hunting destinations is no doubt a testament to Traditions' accuracy and rock-solid dependability.

"We trust Traditions™ for deadly accuracy and unfailing performance," said the Keefer Brothers. "We make a living by putting ourselves and our gear to the test, and there's never a doubt that our Traditions™ will keep pace and help us maximize our hunt - no matter the conditions. We're extremely proud and excited not only to shoot Traditions™, but also to partner with them on exciting branding and production projects. 2013 will no doubt be a huge year for us and our Traditions™!"

Traditions™ has emerged as a dominant force in muzzleloading. The progressive firearms company has added an impressive list of accolades to its resume in recent years, including Field & Stream's "Best of the Best Awards" in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Rusted Rooster has enjoyed a meteoric rise as one the industry's most dynamic and creative television production and marketing agencies. Chris and Casey Keefer's engaging personalities and aggressive hunting style - and their drive to produce the very best in compelling outdoor storytelling for their sponsors and their fans - has earned them a coveted spot among the most successful shows in all of outdoor television.

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