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Friday, January 4, 2013
Hot Shot Acquires Red EYE Peep Sight And Kiss Of Death Kisser Button
Logan, UT-A game-changer in the arena of release design and function, Hot Shot Manufacturing continues to press forward. Wanting to grow its product lineup and continue to establish itself as an archery industry leader, Hot Shot Manufacturing has reached an agreement with EP Hunting to purchase its popular Red EYE peep sight and Kiss of Death kisser button.

"This is key move to expand the product offerings of Hot Shot Manufacturing. We are excited to carry on the legacy of the Red EYE and the Kiss of Death while growing the Hot Shot brand and product profile," stated David White, President and Owner of Hot Shot Manufacturing.

The History of EP Hunting

Started by a passionate group of bowhunters, EP Hunting LLC is known for its commitment to consumers and producing products in the USA. Strictly adhering to a single mission statement: 'To make your shots more efficient and more lethal than ever before,' EP Hunting has developed quite a following. In addition to its uber-popular Red EYE peep sight and Kiss of Death kisser button, which have been acquired by Hot Shot, EP Hunting also produces the ballistically engineered The Reign Broadhead.

"We are always on the lookout for innovative products to add to our Hot Shot lineup," said White. "The plan to grow Hot Shot Manufacturing has been in the works for some time now. We are all thrilled to see the company moving in such a positive direction."

The History of Hot Shot Manufacturing

A part of the archery industry for over three decades, Hot Shot Manufacturing was purchased by present-day Owner and President David White in 2008. Since that time Hot Shot has been all about progress-unveiling a number of exciting, technology-soaked releases that bowhunters and target archers simply can't ignore. The blend of Hot Shot's top-quality materials paired with state-of-the art engineering has created a release lineup that rivals any in the archery industry. For additional information regarding Hot Shot Manufacturing please visit or call (800) 551-3076.
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