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Thursday, September 8, 2011
ScoutLook Weather Releases Droid and iPhone App With NAHC
MINNETONKA, MN, September 2011: ScoutLook Weather and the North American Hunting Club have joined forces to release a powerful hunting-specific weather app for smartphone users on both the Android and iPhone markets.

The move to create a mobile app was spurred by the overwhelming success of ScoutLook's cutting-edge, comprehensive hunting weather forecast and information system at ScoutLook's system is also featured at as a significant resource for the 850,000+ members of the North American Hunting Club.

"We hoped and anticipated that ScoutLook would be well received by the hunting community, but we had no idea how fast this thing would explode," said Cy Weichert, co-founder of ScoutLook. "The amount of positive feedback and demand for a ScoutLook mobile app has been intense, so our team made it our top priority to design and release a ScoutLook app for hunters to begin using this fall."

The feature-rich app is an invaluable tool for hunters who want to maximize their experiences in the field. Like, extensive weather forecast information and other data hunters need is geocoded to a hunter's current or saved hunting locations. Once opened, the app displays a Google map with the user's precise position and weather conditions. With ScoutLook's unique ScentCone℠ and SetZone℠ wind maps, big game and waterfowl hunters can "see the wind" instantly and out 72 hours at any location for optimal hunt planning. With the integrated ScoutMarX℠ tool, hunters can save noteworthy locations (scrapes, rubs, bedding areas, roost sites, etc.) for future hunts. The new app also synchronizes with a user's free PC-based account.

To learn more about the extensive features of the ScoutLook Weather app, and to download it for your Android or iPhone, visit

ScoutLook Weather is an innovative resource designed for people who need much more than just weather information to hunt, fish or begin their outdoor adventures. It's truly a weather tool like you've never seen.

The North American Hunting Club (NAHC) is the premier community for hunters and hardcore outdoor enthusiasts.

For more information about ScoutLook Weather or the North American Hunting Club, visit or; call Josh Dahlke at 952-352-7037, or e-mail him at
Josh Dahlke 952-352-7037 or

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