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Monday, August 22, 2011
Action Target Announces its National Rangemaster of the Quarter
PROVO, Utah - Nicholas J. Roberts of the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake was nominated and selected as the Action Target National Rangemaster of the Quarter for Q2-2011.

The National Rangemaster of the Quarter program obtains feedback about which individuals should be considered for this prestigious award from Action Target staff, but more importantly, from other Rangemasters. These peers have a deep knowledge of the individuals being considered and play a significant role in Action Target's selection process.

Rangemaster Roberts has been an active member of law enforcement for over 32 years and currently serves as the Rangemaster for the Office of the Sheriff of Salt Lake County and the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake. He oversees all firearms-related training of Unified Police, the Protective Services Officers of Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office and all the weapons certified Corrections Officers of Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office. He has also provided instruction to the 3rd District Court Judges and the Juvenile Court Judges; the Salt Lake County Fire Department; the Salt Lake City Division of the F.B.I.; the Union Pacific Railroad Police; the Salt Lake City Airport Authority Police; the 625th Military Police Company of the Utah National Guard; the West Valley City Police SWAT team; the U.S. Army Special Forces; the Weber County Sheriff's Office; the U.S. Coast Guard Unit small arms training program. He also trains firearm instructors and armorers for other outside law enforcement agencies.

Captain Kendra L. Herlin of the Unified Police Department and the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office stated, "Rangemaster Roberts is a very proud member of the Unified Police Department and the office of the Sheriff of Salt Lake County. He represents the departments well and is a fine example of a member who has dedicated his career to public service. His passion for safety and exceptional ability for all those who train under his direction is unmatched anywhere."

Rangemaster Roberts began his service in this field as an armorer and firearms instructor in 1978 for the Riverton City Police Department. In 1989 he was transferred to The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office Firearms unit. In 1990 through 1993 Roberts was promoted to Corporal of the Firearms Unit. He served as the Firearms Unit Supervisor from 1993 to 1996. He has served as the director of the Firearms Unit and Rangemaster since September of 1996.

Rangemaster Roberts also serves on the National Institute of Justice TWG regarding body armor. He was selected to sit on this board when the failure of soft body armor occurred in 2002. He was influential in the new standards for the NIJ 06 Body armor standard throughout the law enforcement community.

Rangemaster Roberts has benefited the Office, community and surrounding states by designing and building the first environmentally safe firearms range in Utah He has been invited to teach at both the State and Federal levels. He is responsible for donations of land and continued construction of new range facilities in Salt Lake County. He also instituted new non-lethal weapons systems for the Winter 2002 Olympics that were later used in patrol functions.

Rangemaster Roberts has been recognized for his service and the training he has presented by many citizen groups. Some of these include United States Senator Orrin Hatch; the Utah Law Enforcement Olympics; the Salt Lake City YWCA battered women's shelter; the Murray City Civil Service Commission; the Salt Lake City Downtown Alliance Board; the Salt Lake Community Advisory Board.

Rangemaster Roberts is responsible for instituting training that exceeds the required legal standards of POST. He directs all personalized training not only on firearms, but other weapons. He has recently supervised the implementation of the training of additional firearms instructors to increase the number of instructors to trainee ratio.

Rangemaster Roberts graduated from Session 192 of the F.B.I. National Academy in March of 1998. He is a Master instructor for Colt LLC, Sig Sauer, Pepper Ball Tec., Security Equipment Corp. (Sabre). As such he teaches all over the United States to increase the knowledge of armorers and instructors, thus protecting officers from all areas of America. He is also a certified NRA Instructor. Rangemaster Roberts was invited to Israel where he trained with I.M.I. and Sturm Ruger to develop a new police carbine.

With Rangemaster Robert's extensive experience and training he is commonly called upon as an expert witness in numerous firearms, OC, and Taser incidents involving police agencies. He has testified in front of City, County, State and Federal Courts. He is also considered an expert in these areas for development of new and better firearms and related products to increase the safety of officers in the field.

This recognition program is not exclusive to law enforcement or Action Target customers. It is for Rangemasters of US Military and law enforcement organizations in the US. Those selected for the award will receive recognition in the Action Target weekly newsletter, their website, and travel to their main office to receive a personalized award.

If you would like to nominate a peer, start by providing some preliminary information on the Action Target Program Page. It should be followed up with a letter using your organizations letterhead and send the it via email to Action Target's National Rangemaster of the Quarterdetailing your nomination's qualifications and accomplishments.

Congratulations to Nicholas J. Roberts for being selected as the Q2-2011 Action Target National Rangemaster of the Quarter!

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