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Wednesday, May 18, 2011
New FishingGold Website First to Quantify Fishing Pattern Data
Clinton, NJ - Sasquatch Media announces the launch of, the first website to quantify fishing pattern information for anglers.

Eighteen months in development, FishingGold! allows anglers to search for pattern information from bass fishing tournaments - by lake, lake type and timeframe. Cumulative pattern data is displayed in graphs, charts and tables. From there, anglers can drill down to see the details of any individual pattern.

"We're super excited to make FishingGold! available to fishermen everywhere," said CEO Jay Kumar. "FishingGold! is both a revolution and an evolution of how pattern information can be used to improve fishing success."

FishingGold! launches with nearly 1,500 tournament records covering more than 650 events over 40 years on more than 150 lakes. Most are BASS tournaments from the start of BASS in the '60s all the way up to this year, and more are on the way. FishingGold! staffers are entering more tournament data regularly, from a variety of circuits.

FishingGold! members can also enter their own pattern information - tournament finishes or just fishing logs/reports - and benefit from all of the same tools.

Kumar added: "Pattern information is hugely valuable for anglers, especially the most avid fishermen. That's why at BassFan we pioneered ultra-detailed pattern reporting. But there's so much pattern information now - really too much. So much that fishermen spend hours and hours looking for pattern nuggets across multiple websites.

"We wanted to solve that problem, and at the same time reinvent how pattern information is presented and used. Since reinvention is what we do here, we banged our heads together and the result is FishingGold!."

FishingGold! head of membership Al Smith said, "We're excited to be able to offer a new tool to grassroots fishermen that'll help them with their fishing and tournament success. Keep your eye out for more new opportunities coming soon."

A discounted $35.00 annual membership is available for a limited time. For more information, go to A video tour is at the following YouTube link:

Jay Kumar is the serial entrepreneur behind the hugely successful and other fishing firsts like the statistical BassFan World Rankings, the BassFan Army membership program, and others. He's also known for his time on the popular ESPN show Loudmouth Bass, which he co-hosted with Mark


In addition to, his company, Sasquatch Media, also owns the No. 1 bass fishing blog,, and the revolutionary Serious Bird Hunting upland books, website and TV show, with several more outdoor properties on the way.
Jay Kumar

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