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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
SGL 87 Grows By More Than 9,000 Acres In Clearfield County
HARRISBURG - The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners - in one of the largest land purchases in agency history - approved the purchase of 9,306 acres in Bell and Greenwood townships, Clearfield County, adjoining State Game Land 87, from RLF Deemer Properties LLC, for a lump sum payment of $5,583,600. The payment will be made using funds by third-party commitments for compensation of habitat and recreational losses from previously-approved Board actions on oil/gas and mineral recovery leases.

"Acquisition of this more than 14-square-mile property helps fulfill the Game Commission's mission of protecting wildlife habitats for current and future generations," said Bill Capouillez, Game Commission Bureau of Wildlife Habitat Management director. "A purchase of this size is virtually unheard of these days anywhere within Pennsylvania, and certainly exemplifies the Game Commission's efforts to provide a legacy for future generations to enjoy hunting and trapping opportunities, while helping to secure viable wildlife populations for years to come.

"Additionally, this purchase fulfills our obligation to hunters and trappers to offset temporary recreation and habitat losses from oil, gas and mineral extraction previously approved on various State Game Lands throughout the state."

As part of the sale agreement, RLF Deemer has reserved all rights to timber harvested through Jan. 1, 2017, through an existing timber sale agreement. The timber reservation includes all white pine and hardwood timber having a DBH of 12 inches or greater at time of harvest; hemlock, beech, hickory, aspen and trees that provide wildlife habitat, such as den trees and snags, are exempted. RLF Deemer also reserves all remaining minerals, oil/gas on or under the premises not previously reserved.

About 5,000 acres of the parcel consists of natural upland hardwood forest. The remaining 4,000 acres are non-timbered land currently or historically cleared for surface coal mining and natural gas development. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services' National Wetlands Inventory map indentifies numerous natural and manmade wetland areas on the property. There are numerous high quality streams on the property, which support populations of cold-water fish.

Settlement on the property will be no later than July 29, 2011. SGL 87 currently consists of 1,225 acres in Clearfield Counties and, with this acquisition, will increase more than five fold.
Jerry Feaser

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