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Friday, January 15, 2010
High Country Archery Assets Acquired
Chattanooga, Tennessee - Hunters Heritage Group LLC is pleased to announce the asset purchase of High Country Archery INC, Dunlap, TN. The acquisition, which took place on October 1, 2009, includes all inventory and trade names associated with High Country Archery INC. The company, Hunters Heritage Group, LLC, will continue doing business under the brand name D.B.A. High Country Archery.

Nathan Land, President of Hunters Heritage Group, LLC, has over 20 years experience in the archery industry working in marketing, product design, and customer service. Land also has previous experience as a pro shop owner and understands the importance of an excellent product being upheld by excellent service. Land notes, "You can have the best product in the world, but if you don't have a good service team to stand behind your product, it won't be a success. " Since the purchase, Land along with his wife Jill, and the Hunters Heritage Group, have been preparing the business plan to propel High Country Archery's image from the ground up.

On January 4th, 2010, a new chapter will un-fold as Hunters Heritage Group, LLC, will continue doing business under the trade name, High Country Archery. "HCA is in a better position than it has been in years," notes Land, "We have a new group of enthusiastic professionals and a debt free company that is poised to not just survive, but thrive in these challenging economic times." The former company, High Country Archery, INC, had been under Chapter 11 restructuring bankruptcy prior to Hunter's Heritage Group, LLC, acquiring the assets.

In 26 years of business, High Country Archery, INC, has been world re-known for designing innovative products that revolutionized the sport of archery. Some of these innovations include: the originator of the 65% let-off cam (Pro Eliminator 1983), the originator of the Hatchet Cam (1989), the first extruded aluminum riser using 7075-T6 aluminum (Ultra Extreme 1992), the first carbon riser (1996), and the originator and patent holder of the roller-guard (2002).

High Country Archery, INC, has seen a lot of accomplishments that have redefined the sport of archery. As Nathan Land, President of Hunters Heritage Group states, "The strength of the intellectual property accompanied with the well known brand as High Country Archery, is a huge asset for a new company like ours to expand upon. Ultimately, success comes down to a passionate team with solid principles, and a solid business plan. With that being said, my goal as a manufacture is to continue that legacy, by producing quality products backed by superior service. This will allow more dealers to become successful in this economy, and ultimately using the sport of archery to be a ministry for uniting friends and family."

High Country Archery INC. Company History
High Country Archery INC was a company that specialized in manufacturing high-grade compound archery equipment for special applications in the hunting and competitive archery arena. High Country Archery was founded by Land's father, Spencer Land in Orofino, ID in 1983 and quickly become one of the most accomplished and well-known archery companies.

Spencer Land redefined the archery industry by designing a compound bow that had 65% let-off, shorter brace height, and a shorter axle to axle length which equated to a bow shooting over 300 FPS. This invention of the 65% let-off became the benchmark for the high let-off and speed era, which led High Country to become one of the most recognizable brand names in hunting and competitive archery products.

In the mid '80s, Land formed a competitive team of archers that traveled the country and took most of the top places in IBO and later the ASA championships. Well into the mid '90s, notable professional shooters like, Randy Ulmer, Burley Hall, David Powers, Joey Vaughn, Randy Chappell, and Sunny Chappell took the competitive sport to a whole new level and essentially paved the way for the competitive 3D sport that archery is today.

High Country Archery, INC, had quite a few firsts in the archery competition, however it didn't end there. In the arena of product achievements, HCA first started with the 65% let-off cam design and later added many other designs to the list including: the originator of the Hatchet Cam (1989), the first extruded aluminum riser using 7075-T6 aluminum (Ultra Extreme, 1993), the first carbon riser (Lite Speed, 1996) the first cam to have draw length adjustment without modules (XD CAM, 2000), the first cam to have Draw weight, Let-off and Draw Length adjustment on the Cam (PERFX CAM, patented 2004), and the originator as well as patent holder of the roller-guard (patented, 2002).

Hunters Heritage Group mission statement: "To have a passionate team of employees that will provide a quality product to dealers at competitive prices with the most personalized customer service. As we stand behind these claims, we will earn the continued support of the archery community."
Nathan Land, Hunters Heritage Group LLC (423) 443-4185

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