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Monday, November 23, 2009
Alpen binoculars and spotting scopes make great holiday gifts for birders
With 48 million Americans reporting they watch birds around the home and on trips, chances are there's a birder in your life who would love to get a pair of binoculars or a spotting scope this holiday season. The good news is you can surprise that special someone with high quality binoculars and scopes from Alpen Optics and stay within your budget.

Alpen Optics is known for its superior quality optical products and great features and accessories at affordable prices. You can find Alpen's products, which are backed by a limited lifetime factory warranty, at online stores or official dealers near you.

Monoculars are a great gift for young bird watchers. Alpen's 8x25 and 10x25 waterproof monoculars are perfect for small hands and faces. They are lightweight, compact and can stand up to tough conditions. At a MSRP of about $80, they provide clear, crisp viewing for beginning birders.

Backyard birders will appreciate Alpen's 8x42 wide angle binoculars . If you watch birds from the comfort of your armchair, you want top viewing performance without paying extra for features you don't need such as waterproofing. The 8x42 non waterproof binoculars carry an MSRP of about $53 yet will offer bright, sharp viewing of the birds at your backyard birdfeeders.

If you're buying binoculars for someone who is more serious about their wildlife watching hobby, consider Alpen's> 8x42 or 10x42waterproof models . Also, shop for fully multicoated optics for maximum light gathering properties so you can bring in all the color and detail you need to ID birds even in low light conditions. At MSRPs ranging from $180 to $400, you can get top notch glass at a great value.

Alpen Optics> spotting scopes are the ultimate tool for getting up close and personal with the world of birds whether it's mockingbirds nesting in your yard or eagle watching at a wildlife refuge. MSRPs can range from just over $200 up to about $1,200 depending on what features are most important to you.. If you want something a bit more portable for viewing from your car at the local park, check out Alpen's compact spotting scopes. With an easy-to-use window car mount, you'll be checking out birds on the fly.

For more information about Alpen Optics, visit or, or call 877-987-8370.
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