Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Calbico Introduces New Gun Cleaning Tool

New Gun Cleaning Tool

Make it Part of Your Cleaning Kit

Fairfax, Virginia - Calbico LLC announces the Channel Cleaning Tool Model F1, a revolutionary product for use on all types of firearms. With the Channel Cleaning Tool, and your favorite cleaning products, you can make your firearm like new.

The Channel Cleaning Tool provides firearm owners, armorers and gunsmiths unprecedented cleaning abilities. The non-marring tool enables the user to reach into the many cuts and channels found in guns for cleaning and lubricating. The flat tips and sharp edges reach areas often missed by other means. It eliminates the need for many of the implements collected by users that have limited capabilities and can damage the firearm.

Users find that it can reduce the time and materials used in cleaning by up to 50%. Lessening cleaning time and the efforts necessary are goals for every firearm user and owner.

While the Channel Cleaning Tool works with all types of firearms, AR type rifle users find it extremely effective. The tool reaches into the many areas of the bolt carrier group, the chamber, and throughout the upper receiver including the hard to reach area beneath the gas tube. Semi-auto pistol users find that the tips are sized and angled to reach into the corners of the slide grooves to attain an unprecedented level of cleaning.

With a suggested retail price of $9.95, it is available at a growing number of on-line retailers, gun and military supply shops, and outdoor supply stores.

The Channel Cleaning tool is proudly made in the USA.

About Calbico LLC
Calbico LLC is a small business founded in November 2014. Dealers and distributors are welcome to request pricing and product information by sending an email to info@calbico.com. For more information on the Channel Cleaning Tool visit www.calbico.com.

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