Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Choose the PlotWatcher for Entry-Level Time-Lapse Video Camera

If you are looking for a way to start time-lapse surveillance of your food plots or other hunting areas, then look no further than the original Day 6 PlotWatcher. The perfect entry-level time-lapse video camera, the PlotWatcher records seven days of daytime time-lapse video and allows you to actually customize your recording time to skip periods of confirmed inactivity, such as during the heat of mid day. The PlotWatcher will capture images every 5 to 10 seconds up close and afar. GameFinder software with MotionSearch is included, and Day 6 recommends an 8 GB USB drive.

The beauty of the PlotWatcher is that it can capture images regardless of how far your subject is from the camera. Most trail cameras only trigger on short-range motion, where this greater field of view allows you to study your game whether their route is near or far. With the time-lapse video technology, you can now sleep soundly knowing that once you review your footage, you will see animals roaming around your hot spot just as if you would have been afield that day. Best of all, you can review a 12-hour day of footage in about three minutes.

It only gets better. The GameFinder video player software makes it beyond easy to review your files. Sit back and watch what crossed your PlotWatcher's path in forward or reverse at your own speed...just don't choke on your popcorn when you see Mr. Big cross the screen. Should you need a more detailed review, simply scroll frame-by-frame. And, if you would like to speed up the review process, you can use the MotionSearch feature to skip to the next frame in which motion is observed. Sounds simple? It is! You can also build your own library of HD video clips and share pictures with friends by using the GameFinder software. You'll soon see why the PlotWatcher is not a game camera, but a game changer.

Pick one up at your favorite sporting goods store or go online at to order one today.