Thursday, December 6, 2018

Avedon & Colby Award-Winning Signature Field Shirt Now Available in 100% Cotton Airplane Cloth

(Black Earth, WI) Avedon & Colby's award-winning Signature Field Shirt is now available in 100% cotton Airplane Cloth. Called the Signature Bush Pilot Shirt, it shares all of the innovative comfort and performance features found in the original Signature Field Shirt, but it's sewn from authentic Airplane Cloth fabric that's light and cool in hot temperatures, highly wind-resistant, exceptionally hard wearing – and features a lustrous, smooth surface and soft hand for exceptional comfort.

Airplane Cloth was originally developed to "skin" the wings and fuselages of wood-framed biplanes, including the Wright Brothers famous Wright Flyer and the fighter aircraft in World War I. Our high-construction Airplane Cloth fabric is woven with fine, 2-ply, long-staple, combed cotton yarn that has been mercerized under pressure for exceptional smoothness, strength, moisture absorption and luster. It's then finished to meet two MILSPECs (Military Specifications): MIL-C-5646F and AM3806, resulting in a very high bursting strength. To remain true to the MILSPEC requirements, we do not die the Airplane Cloth fabric before sewing our Bush Pilot Shirt to preserve its original smoothness and strength.

Comfort features include a generous, full-length bi-swing back that extends from the top of each shoulder to the waist to prevent pulling on the sleeves when reaching forward. A unique, elasticized mesh panel inside the shirt reseats the bi-swing pleats to their original positions to maintain a trim, snag-free profile.

Our unique double-reversed underarm gussets allow for complete freedom of arm movement by preventing any pulling on the shirt’s sleeve when arms are raised or rotated. Each sleeve seam follows the arm-motion pivot points to reduce cuff “pull-back” and waist “pull- out” to allowarms to move freely while keeping the shirt tucked in.

Additional features include button-down epaulets, zipped security pockets, functional box pleats on both breast pockets, exquisite tailoring and classic styling.

Available in Natural Cotton (off-white) in sizes Men's Small through 2XL, with Tall available in Large XL, the new Signature Bush Pilot Shirt retails for $198 and can be ordered on the Avedon & Colby website:

About Avedon & Colby

Burt Avedon: Burt purchased the original Willis & Geiger in 1978 after it went bankrupt following the collapse of Abercrombie & Fitch, the company's largest customer. After a distinguished career as a Navy fighter pilot serving in combat during both World War II and Korea – and later as a Top Gun instructor and a bush pilot/professional hunter in British East Africa, Burt set about to revive the bankrupt company by re-introducing improved and entirely new versions of many of the iconic Willis & Geiger styles that had so capably outfitted adventurers and explorers like Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and others. When Land’s End closed Willis & Geiger in 1999 during a company-wide downsizing, Burt and Susan Colby launched their design and consulting firm, Avedon & Colby, to create premium performance wear and accessories for leading outdoor and lifestyle brands.


About Avedon & Colby (continued)...

Susan Colby: Susan joined Burt at Willis & Geiger in 1986 with an art degree from Smith College following a successful career as a member of Westinghouse’s Design Center, Associated Merchandising Corporation, and finally as a designer and buyer at Paul Stuart/NYC. Together, Burt and Susan designed garments and accessories for Willis & Geiger that blended the classic good taste of a bygone era of wilderness exploration with high-performance features never before seen by outdoor enthusiasts. They continued this tradition after the close of Willis & Geiger, designing premium-performance clothing and accessories for leading outdoor and lifestyle brands like Orvis, Beretta, Woolrich, King Ranch, Kevin’s and Eddie Bauer.

Contact: Harry Campbell