Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Galco's Warm Weather IWB Carry Options

The calendar is well into spring, and as the mercury begins to rise – especially at Galco’s home in Phoenix – it’s a good time to look at updating hot-weather carry options. While Galco has an entire collection devoted to warm weather carry, today we’re focusing on inside the waistband (IWB) holsters.

Galco’s newest IWBs include the Kydex Paragon™, optimized for appendix carry but also adjustable for strongside or crossdraw, and the extremely comfortable QuickTuk Cloud™ hybrid holster.

Premium leather IWBs have long been a standby in Galco’s line, and include the horsehide Royal Guard™ 2.0, saddle leather Summer Comfort™ and SC2™, the angle-adjustable saddle leather Scout 3.0, and the supremely comfortable V-Hawk™.

The hybrid KingTuk™ series has been a bestseller for over a decade and includes the Deluxe, Classic and hot-weather Air versions.

Many gun carriers prefer all-Kydex IWB holsters, and Galco hasn’t neglected them. The IWB/OWB Corvus™ is a versatile choice, as is the angle-adjustable Triton™ 2.0.

Finally, the price-conscious gun carrier can select from a wide range of IWBs in the Carry Lite™ line. The simple, open-top Stow-N-Go™ is tremendously popular, the ambidextrous and angle-adjustable Tuck-N-Go™ offers excellent versatility, and the Waistband™ gives the extra security of a thumb break retention strap.

We haven’t neglected spare ammo, either!

Revolver carriers can use the simple E-Z Loader™ that slips easily into the pocket, carrying six revolver cartridges in a rubberized strip.

Auto carriers can carry a spare magazine in the PMC™ (Pocket Magazine Carrier) or the flat and easily-concealable IWBMC™.

Pack your heat in a Galco IWB holster this summer!

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