Friday, August 23, 2019

ALPS OutdoorZ Partners with Hunters Connect as First Signed Sponsor

Hunters Connect, the all new You Tube channel and social media platform today announces that ALPS OutdoorZ has become the first sponsor to officially support the all new social media platform for new hunters owned by the International Hunter Education Association, IHEA-USA.

“We are thrilled that ALPS OutdoorZ and the Brune family have stepped up to give us this support. They are committed to the hunting culture and it shows. It is our hope that more of the hunting industry will recognize the need to invest in our new customers, the new hunters of all ages, as Hunters Connect does. It is a proactive R3 program with a great deal of upside potential,” stated David Allen Executive Director of the International Hunters Education Association (IHEA-USA).

Hunters Connect is offering a number of tools and resources to help lower hurdles and the learning curve for those who have recently entered the hunting world. These resources are structured with a heavy emphasis on using the R3 strategy. will serve as the base camp for the Hunters Connect platform, it will direct hunter ed grads and new hunters to social platforms and a YouTube channel were there will be an abundance of digital media content and videos that cover the “how-to,” “where-to,” “when-to,” and “what-to”.

In a world that is quickly going digital, an average of 600,000 students go through HunterEd every year, and about 200,000 of those students take an online course option. These online course takers do not have as many resources or outreach to hunting mentors like the in-person sessions do. Hunters Connect will be posting weekly content and videos that will cover the topics that many new hunters struggle to find the answers to. With the support ALPS OutdoorZ, a brand that shares these same goals and passions, efforts to bring a new population of people outside will be much more effective.

When ALPS OutdoorZ was established in 2007, they created their mission of developing affordable, performance-driven hunting gear. Since then, ALPS OutdoorZ has expanded their marketplace in the hunting industry and now offer an array of gear suited to fit every type of hunter. To mention some product, they now offer packs, outdoor furniture, gun cases, sleeping bags and ground blinds. Those who have worked behind this brand have created all their success by living for the outdoors and utilizing their lifestyle to create products that will help everyone tackle their desired outdoor activity.

“Our company prioritizes conservation and connecting people with the outdoors,” said ALPS OutdoorZ Marketing/PR Manager Sarah Heidmann Brune. “We’re proud to support IHEA’s Hunters Connect program in their fight to make a change in our community of outdoorsmen and women. We have a responsibility to teach others about the enjoyment of the outdoor lifestyle, and if we all commit to mentoring, then we can save this lifestyle we love.”

For more information contact:

Jace McFetridge, IHEA-USA

Sarah Heidmann Brune, ALPS OutdoorZ