Friday, January 14, 2022

Determinator Targets continues as Official Shooting Targets of The High Road with Keith Warren

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New Braunfels, TX January 14th, 2022 – Keith Warren and The High Road Group are proud to announce their continued partnership with Determinator Targets as the official shooting target sponsor of the top-rated hunting TV show, The High Road with Keith Warren!

Located in Lafayette, Colorado, Determinator Targets is family owned and operated and focuses on bringing ethics, shot accuracy and success to hunters by helping them find their effective range. Using a patented staggered ring design, Determinator Targets allow hunters to shoot just five shots from 100 yds. and reveal the distance in which they can make an ethical shot on the specific animal they plan to hunt. Determinator Targets are offered in a variety of species, with staggered rings that represent the vital size of that species at different distances. This allows hunters to know their effective range for a specific animal and specific shooting position before ever stepping into the woods or onto the mountain.

“Whether you’re hunting whitetail in your back yard or you are preparing for a once in a lifetime Big Horn Sheep Hunt, Determinator Targets are a must have!! I hunt all types of game, all over the world and I invest a lot of time, money and effort into my hunts, so why would I ever take the chance of walking away unsuccessful?! With Determinator Targets I am always confident and know my effective range, so if I pull the trigger, its lights out - period! ”, says Keith Warren of The High Road.

“The High Road Team is just what they say they are. A team of individuals working hard for their viewers, clients, and the hunting industry. Keith believes in life, in hunting and working for his clients that taking the High Road is always the best approach. With Keith’s 35 years and over 1300 hunting episodes of television experience it allows us access to a team that really know products that help hunters and how to introduce these products to a hunting audience. They truly are helping us push our Determinator Effective Range targets forward as the best hunting practice target for the novice hunter up to the most seasoned hunter.”, says David Howard for Determinator Targets.

About Determinator Targets

Set your Determinator target at 100 yards. Confirm the target is in a safe location with an appropriate backstop. Aim at the appropriate bull's-eye from a selected hunting position. (We encourage shooting our targets from realistic hunting positions, example: standing, kneeling, prone, supported and/or unsupported). Fire 5 rounds from a single hunting position. Determine your individual effective range by identifying the largest Vital Ring in which ALL 5 rounds have impacted within. It is as easy as their slogan “Read your ring and know your range.” It’s that simple to build confidence in your abilities!

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About The High Road Group:

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The High Road Group produces The High Road with Keith Warren and Keith Warren’s Deer & Wildlife Stories and Dream Makers television shows. All three of these programs broadcast on Pursuit Channel.

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