Thursday, November 8, 2018

TWN Teams Up with A-TACS to Launch Ghost Water Transfer Printing Film

TWN Industries, the pioneer in Water Transfer Printing technology, has partnered with A-TACS to release a new line of urban camouflage called Ghost. A-TACS (Advanced Tactical Concealment System) designed this pattern as a tactical option for urban operations. Ghost establishes an aggressive look that consists of 11 different shades of neutral gray that make the pattern unique.

A-TACS Ghost provides the least amount of contrast in urban settings and is the ultimate concealment solution for urban environments. A-TACS new pattern is derived from A-TACS iX and LE-X. A-TACS LE-X is similar in design but has darker tones of grey, blue and black that make the pattern ideal for night operations. A-TACS patterns feature a patent-pending design with a totally new approach that amplifies concealment.

We sat down with Phil Duke, the mastermind behind A-TACS, to discuss A-TACS Ghost and what it means for the tactical industry. Check out this exclusive interview in our press release:

TWN Launches A-TACS Ghost Water Transfer Printing Film

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