Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Helltown Brewing Partners with Stone Road Media

To increase awareness of its line of craft beers, Helltown Brewing has recently partnered with Stone Road Media, a leading marketing agency in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

“We are excited to work with the team at Stone Road Media to help strengthen the Helltown brand and also help to get the beer we love into the hands of more people who we know will love it too,” says Helltown President, Shawn Gentry.

Offering a wide selection of beer from traditional brown ales to more out-of-the-box IPAs, Helltown has created a selection that will appeal to beer lovers across the Western Pennsylvania area and beyond.

Helltown got its start in 2011 with the creation of Mischievous Brown, their traditional brown ale. “We actually got started with home brewing in 2006, and by the end of 2007, we decided to go for it,” says Gentry. He continues, “I started saving money and learning as much as I could about brewing on a larger scale and the beer business in general from brewery forums, textbooks, a week in a Belgian brewery, and anything I could find.”

The story behind the name calls back to the late 1700s and the history of Mount Pleasant, where Helltown got its start. Mount Pleasant has been referred to as Helltown since the Whiskey Rebellion and luckily for them, the name stuck around. With a rich history burning of devil effigies and the infamous 15666 zip code that the town was given in the 1960’s, the name Helltown was a natural fit for the brewery.

Helltown also recently acquired Rivertowne Brewing, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is working closely with Stone Road Media to reengineer the Rivertowne brand and as they expand its current offerings.

Rivertowne Brewing, founded in 2007, has always been dedicated to producing exceptional, yet approachable, craft beer—a value that under Helltown, they will continue to uphold.

“Having the ability to grow two great brands that are not only local businesses but growing in regional attention is something that Stone Road is thrilled to be a part of,” says Jeremy Flinn, Owner of Stone Road Media. He continues, “Our goal here is to create engaging content for beer lovers that resonates with the core audiences of the two very different breweries.”

Be on the lookout for more Helltown and Rivertowne beer coming to an establishment near you!