Tuesday, May 3, 2022

SinterFire LE/Military Ammunition Available for Commercial Market

Kersey, PA –

SinterFire Ammunition is now available to the commercial civilian market!

Known around the world for being the largest manufacturer of lead-free projectiles, SinterFire products have historically been used by major ammunition suppliers and LE/military customers. Now this high-performance ammunition is available to consumers.

Comprised of blended copper powder, the projectiles outperform other hollow points due to the engineered frangibility characteristics. Extremely effective when entering soft tissue, the projectile dissipates energy immediately for a large initial wound cavity. The base of the projectile retains much of its initial form for deep penetration. All this, while the ricochet risk is drastically reduced. As a result, it is the only bullet approved by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement School Marshals program.

The Sinterfire hollow point ammunition is now available to retailers through key distributors, including Sports South and Kinseys.

About SinterFire

SinterFire is the largest lead-free bullet maker in the world and inventor of the most utilized frangible bullet in the world.

SinterFire has proudly served Law Enforcement, Government and Military customers around the globe for the past 24 years. They are now pleased to offer their ammunition to the civilian market.

The ammunition includes lead-free training, frangible, and hollow-point ammunition.

SinterFire sells bullets for OEM and Reloaders under the SinterFire brand, and pistol brass under the ‘1776’ Brand.

All of SinterFire’s products are proudly manufactured in the USA

For more information, call 814-885-6672 or visit: www.sinterfire.com

PR contact is Greg Benini at: gbenini@sinterfire.com