Team Remington continues to compete at the highest level with Ben Bell sporting an impressive performance at the 2023 US Steel Nationals, March 17-19, 2023, in Daytona, Fla.
Fiocchi Pro Team member Haylyn Hanks took a win at the ACUI Regionals held February 3-5 at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas.
Fiocchi congratulates Pro Team shooter Bill Elliott on his win at the Providence Hill March Shoot in Medina, Ohio.
Vihtavuori Powders announces sponsorship of the United States F-Class Team competing at the 2023 F-Class World Championships, March 21- April 1 at the Gene Wet Shooting Range in Blomfontein, South Africa.
The 2023 USA Shooting Junior Shotgun National team is now set after the second selection match in Kerrville, Texas, at the Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, March 10-19.

Team Mathews finishes the indoor competition season strong with two 1st Place finishes in the Men’s Pro and Senior Pro divisions at the NFAA Indoor National Championship located in Louisville, KY.
June 9 and 10 at NILO, the iconic Winchester hunting and shooting sports facility in Brighton, Illinois, the NILO open will host hundreds of clay target shooters competing for more than $35,000 in prizes. Registration for the NILO Open is now open.
On March 11th, 2023, the ACE Apache archery team hosted the Georgia S3DA Outdoor Target State Championship at Stephens Park in Social Circle, Georgia.
Attorneys representing the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a case concerning gun owner privacy in California have filed a respondent’s brief in the ongoing case of Barba v. Bonta, challenging the constitutionality of a 2021 law requiring the California Department of Justice (CAL/DOJ) to share extensive personal identifying information of gun owners in the state with a non-government research group.

The QUWF MO Grouse chapter just completed a superb banquet. “We sold out before the doors ever opened and had additional walk-ins for a packed house of nearly 400” stated Tom Westoff, Chapter Chairman.
Antler King is heading to the 2023 Illinois Deer Classic in Peoria from March 31-April 2. This year’s event will feature even more leading hunting exhibitors, new archery shoots, and informative seminars at the Peoria Civic Center.
The spawning season closure for permit inside the Special Permit Zone in south Florida starts April 1.
- GEAR -
Galco’s No-Slip Sling adds extra security to any hunting rifle carried slung on the shoulder. Constructed of Latigo leather, the No-Slip Sling measures a comfortable 2.5” at its widest point, tapering to 1.25” at the included swivels.

The National Bowhunter Education Foundation’ Advanced Black Bear Anatomy and Shot Placement Guide is an informative shot placement training aid with full color 8.5" x 11" transparent overlays.
Orchid LLC and Williams Mullen’s Firearms Industry Group announce an examination of firearm law and finance at the 2023 Firearms Industry Conference (FIC), to be held virtually April 27-28 and live in Atlanta, May 1-3, 2023.
Iron Valley® Supply’s brand offerings have expanded dramatically in recent months to include: Breakthrough Clean Technologies, Ammo Inc., Trailblazer Firearms, Shadow Systems, and Prvi Partizan.
Celerant Technology announced a partnership with Tactical Gear Distributors. Through the integration, dealers can streamline their ordering and sell more products both in-store and online with less effort.

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. announced the release of the Marlin Model 336 Classic. Chambered in .30-30 Win., the Model 336 Classic sports a beautifully finished American black walnut stock and forend.
Code of Silence is excited to announce the launch of its new YouTube series. The informative videos will cover the why, the science, and the technology behind Code of Silence’s innovative line of camo.
iAiming, a leader in smart thermal riflescopes and provider of First Shot – Auto Zero technology, will appear on this week’s upcoming episode of GunStuff TV Live. The episode will air on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Roku, and Right Now TV on Tuesday, March 28th at 2PM Eastern.
Safari Club International and Safari Club International Foundation announce the hiring of Paul R. Black as the new Chief Financial Officer for SCI and SCIF.

Barnett, makers of all things crossbows, has decided to remain a Whitetails Unlimited National Sponsor.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) invites Florida residents and visitors to go freshwater fishing during the two license-free days this weekend, April 1-2.
Just in time to “Impale a Scale” Muzzy® Bowfishing, the market leader in the development of Bad to the Bone bowfishing products announced the company will be offering up to a $50 mail in rebate on select products from March 1, 2023 through May 31, 2023.
The Headrest Safe Company, LLC announced that they are now live on the GovX ecommerce site. The GovX online platform is for active or former military and first responders, with over 6 million verified members receiving exclusive discounts on more than 850 brands.

Delta McKenzie Targets is making it even easier for archery enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite pastime by offering exclusive deals on its high-quality targets, including the popular Bloodline Buck.
Get ready for the outdoors with amazing deals on SEVR products, available now during the SEVR SPRING SALE at
Lapua, celebrating 100-years of rimfire ammunition manufacturing, announces their renewed support to the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) as the Official Rimfire Series Ammunition
Indiana DNR’s Division of State Parks recently honored its volunteers, partners, and employees for their commitment to conserve, manage, and interpret resources while creating memorable experiences for visitors in 2022.
iSportsmanX Beta soft launched in December 2022, and after careful consideration of beta-tester feedback, new changes are being implemented for the on-going development of iSportsmanX. The future iSportsmanX will have both a web and mobile application, which will both offer their own unique experience and functionality to fully encompass the needs of existing and future iSportsman patrons
On the latest episode, “Keith Warren’s Deer and Wildlife Stories” will introduce you to a father-son veterinarian duo who when they aren't treating whitetail, are on their own deer farm growing some monster bucks
Outdoor Channel’s extreme, off-grid, original, docu-series Life on the Edge will return to the “Wild West of the Last Frontier” – the Aleutian Islands – in 2024 for Season Two.
This week, The High Road is joining up with three separate hunters at Keith Warren’s Texas Hidden Springs Ranch.

A volunteer-driven sandhill crane survey to locate breeding birds in Ohio is seeking observers to help with the count on Saturday April 15.
Join Patoka Lake’s interpretive naturalists for a kayaking class for beginners on Saturday, April 15, at 12:30 p.m.

I’m reluctant to write this piece as we don’t know what happened yet. As the noted author, journalist and American Treasure Mark Twain didn’t say, “If you don’t read the papers, you’re uninformed. If you read the papers, you’re misinformed.”

And while he didn’t say that, the sentiment likely predated him by decades – maybe a century. The one thing you’re sure you don’t know is any fact related in a “news” story. Most of these are long on “story” and short on “news;” that is to say facts.

By the time I send this up, the brain trust will have changed the “facts,” sometimes due to real information getting out and other times to pad an agenda.

Like the nonsense spewed by the Washington Post – I won’t link to them. As they’re behind a paywall, I decline to support their bad habits and I don’t like spreading simple rumors and nonsense opinions. A piece appeared on their site that was echoed by “MSN,” or I would have been blissfully unaware of it; it was a story of the gun “that divides a nation” or some such idiocy.

Bet you can guess which gun they’re whining about now. It’s the whipping boy composed of steel, aluminum and polymer components that’s the locus of evil in the modern world. Its stunning power makes it a death ray, a position that would make veterans from those of the “Southeast Asia War Games, 1966-1974” era all the way to veterans of the Global War on Terror shake their heads.

But they’re not about reporting facts but supporting a narrative: Black Rifle Bad!

That takes the place of releasing hardcore violent felons from prison, hampering efforts at arrest and incarceration of violent offenders, hamstringing mental health efforts and generally removing all traces of civility from the social atmosphere.

The spreaders of this manure don’t care about those children. I was on a major social media outlet shortly after reports of the Nashville outrage came out. The vile, hateful and ignorant began their cries for federal, state and local infringements before the crime scene people could arrive to locate, document, and collect evidence.

As to the operational aspects, the school either left a “side door” open or didn’t; access to the sensitive areas of the building was made by the offender (described as a “teenage female,” but that’s agism and assuming gender – oh, wait. It really was assuming gender based on a more recent social media post). The offender was “strapped” (the news said) “with two assault rifles and a handgun.”

That’s a lot of gear. I wonder why there wasn’t more shooting as around four minutes elapsed before the situation was ended -- (it’s said the call came in at 1013 hours and the offender was neutralized by 1017 hours … subsequently being reported as being stopped at 1027 hours).

See what I mean about waiting for “new information?”

Aside from the poor “security through environmental design” (allowing more than a single-entry point into the structure) one source alleged that the school declined having an SRO. It’s not been reported whether or not any staff were armed.

The upside was that there was apparently no “shelter in place” nonsense. When the alert was sounded, teachers – it’s said – began moving the children out.

That’s the smart play.

So who was it and why?

I don’t care. Opinions were soaking the errornet and opinions aren’t facts. Even if I knew why this chowderhead did it – the story is that a good many of these morons try to one-up the previous ones due to seeing news reports, but I have to wonder if any of them are conscious of “news” – that doesn’t tell me how to stop it.

The world is an unfriendly place. That isn’t new. The death rate is 100% -- everything that’s born dies.

It’s that simple.

Assuming that life will be fragrant flowers, singing birds and low taxes is delusional. Assuming that the other side doesn’t want you helpless is about the same.

Assuming there’s not someone out there planning the next bit of insanity is just plain, dumb-blasted stupid.

Learn from this and from smart people out there. Look for trouble and avoid it. If you can find a way to keep your kids away from the feeding grounds called “gun free zones,” do that.

And pray for the families of the victims. The lunatics say it doesn’t help; unlike their plans, it doesn’t hurt.

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