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Monday, August 19, 2013
"Hunt" App for iPhone, iPad, Now Available
Hunting GPS Maps is excited to announce the launch of our new HUNT App for iOS devices. The new app will allow you to turn your iPhone or iPad into a GPS unit that displays your location relative to public and private property boundaries, hunting unit boundaries, and it also displays land-owner names--all layered over aerial imagery or topo basemaps. Easily plan hunts, access public and private lands, cache maps, and make waypoints right on your mobile device.

HUNT app users can subscribe to our hunting-specific layers state-by-state. Layers included with the subscription include:

- Government and Public Lands to easily determine your position in relation to public lands.
- Land-owner names with property boundaries, allowing you to easily ask for land-owner permission or see private land boundaries while out in the field.
- Game Management Units(GMU's)or Hunting Units for as many different species and special hunt types as we can find available for that state.
- Section Lines and Numbers
- Cache Basemaps and other subscription layers for use when you're beyond cell phone coverage.

The free app version allows you to:

- Add GPS functionality to turn your mobile device into a GPS and easily see your location on the map.
- GMU's /Hunting Units for general game species (for example in Wyoming you will can see antelope, deer, and elk units)
- Basemaps such as Topo and Aerial Imagery layers so you can easily see topo, roads, rivers, lakes, etc.
- Mark waypoints with hunting and other icons to help you navigate back to your vehicle, camp, find good lookouts or blinds, or just mark places you sighted game.
- Mark Waypoints using a photo you've taken to easily document the locations of scrapes and rubs, wallows, game sightings, food sources, bedding areas, etc. Bring this data back home to your iPad or computer to help you learn your hunting area much faster!

The HUNT App also has a state-of-the-art map caching feature that allows users to store maps for use outside of service areas. Basemaps and the subscription layers can be cached before your hunt to allow you to access maps while outside of cell service. Easily swap out cached maps for any area you want, depending on your destination.

To get the free HUNT App, visit the App Store and search for "HUNT app" or "onXmaps". State-specific layers can be purchased two ways:

- Directly from the app for $35/year. Hunt App Link
- Or from the Hunting GPS Maps website for $30/year.

For more information on Hunting GPS Maps, please contact Matt Seidel at 208-GPS-MAPS or visit

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